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Which are the matters/subjects which need statutory notice/advance circulation or the mention in the agenda to be circulated before meeting? Can an issue pertaining to redevelopment of Soviety property be taken up as a lmproptue issue raised at the last minute with the permission of chair without its circulation in advance?

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Co-operative society not giving membership on purchase of flat
Managing Committee issues Power of attorney after four years of gap after passing AGBM resolution of general nature with regard to redevelopment of property, is issuance of such POA is legal?
As per the resolution two members are entrusted with the redevelopment of society property. After passing the resolution these two members do not take permission of the General Body nor do they inform about the POA to the General Body, There stand now is society has granted them full power and they are suppose to report to only Managing Committee. My query is, is such a power can be legally usrpted by the Members? Can General Body which repeatedly reconvened due to lack of coral? Are they not bound to place the POA before the deliberations and informed decision?

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Can Children of the Managing Committee Members be partners in the redevelopment project of some other property I with the same developer of our society. Can they together form a separate partnership firm and undertake projects?

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Our Managing committee has not circulated minutes within stipulated time of Three months. The draft minutes were not circulated at all. This is going on for last 17 years. Draft minutes are only confirmed in the Next annual general bday meeting. The recording if if questioned on the A G B M, it is never recorded and such minutes are again circulated very late. Out of last 17 years about 8 A G B M Minutes are circulated just 8 days to 20 days in advance of the nest years A G B M. Since same Managing Committee are sticking to these posts for last 22 years and in the absence of the complaint to the Registrar of the Co Op Societies, what is the status of these late circulation of the minutes. Most of the minutes have dates of circulation mentioned on them but about 7 of them are without the dates.what is the status of these Minutes.

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