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Delhi cooperative housing society : Husband has a flat and membership in the society, now they purchase another flat in the same society in wife name with joint name of husband. Now wife apply for membership in the society.
Q, Can society give the membership to the society or they can have ONLY one membership..///
Repeat Q, Can society give the membership to wife when husband is already have a membership in same society for another flat??

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Special Power of Attorney
reference RCS delhi, Can SPA holder take part in the election process and also can SPA holder become the member of the Management committee.

Delhi Apartment Ownership Rules 1987
what is the difference between cooperative society and AOA , kindly clarify each one functional area.

Upper floor flat owner not repairing his toilet seepage
I am leaving top floor of cooperative society and flat having leakage from roof who will get this repaired, society say they dont have fund…

Resolve your co-operative society disputes
In the newly elected Management Committee of Co-operative Group Housing Society in Delhi, who has the authority to elect the Secretary & the Treasurer from amongst the elected members of MC? Does the President select them or they are elected by majority vote of the Management Committee members.

Resolve your co-operative society disputes
reference dcs rules 2007: In AGM non member with gpa/sale agreement/tenat can attend the agm or not without voting right

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