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Please ref my query dated 21.10.2016. Please let us know how to regularise the memberships to purchasers i.e. what type of letter can be issued for the purpose under the RCS Rules. Please comment urgently.


SC Sethi
Hony.Secy. of Sangam Apartments

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Co-operative society not giving membership on purchase of flat
In our CGHS purchasers has completed all formalities for becoming a member i.e. have submitted all the required documents & also payments as required under Rule 91 of RCS Rules. The question is how to regularise their membership i.e. what type of letter to be issued to them.
Please advice quickly.

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Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member
Dear sir
We in Sangam Apartment, Paschim Vihar are a cooperative society. However, it has been observed that top floor owners have put up 2 room sets thereby not allowing the other floor owners to get to the common area. Is there any provision to protect other residents from creating such a nuisance? Please advise since top floor owners are upsetting the otherwise cooperative residents.



Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies

Our Society namely Sangam Apartments has 110 flats (including original allottees/purchasers/tenents) and it has been observed that some members are defaulters one or the other ground as per their convenience. Several requests to them have not yielded any result. Please advice as to how to bring the defaulters in the mainstream of the society so that the development of the society may not get delayed on that account.

S.C. Sethi
Hony. Secretary

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