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Is it necessary for transferor to provide notice of his intention to transfer the membership in form no. 18 or can the transferee submit the request directly in form no. 20.

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Co-operative Society flat transfer in your name
Hello Sir, Could you please suggest, if the sale deed or agreement to sale needs to be attested by the Gazette officer or will the self-attested copies also work?

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Managing Committee not transferring co-operative membership
I have applied for membership in CGHS at Dwarka in 2007 and paid new membership fees (Common Good Fund fees) for Rs. 10,000 as per old DCS rules, however I have not been issued membership till date. I was not aware of the rules, hence did not followed up with the Society. Now, the Society is asking for membership transfer fees as per the new DCS rules. Should I be made liable to pay membership transfer fees, when I have already paid Rs.10,000.

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