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I recently purchased flat in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and completed all procedures i.e Society NOC, Old Owner NOC, Sale Deed, Registar entries etc.

My Problem: Society is also ready to transfer flat on my name but share certificate is completly filled and now there is no space as old owner has taken loan and completed them which have made entries in share certificate for mortgage/de-mortgage purpose.

And this is for the first time for society members and me, so we are not aware whether we should issue new certificate, duplicate certificate or we should extend old one by attaching a page.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Rohan Shah

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I recently purchased home in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. All formalities are already completed, sale deed, registration, Society NOC etc.

My Problem : Society is also ready to transfer property on my name but my share certificate is compltly filled and now there is no space left on which they can transfer on my name as there are many entries already made, due to old owner has taken loan from Banks and Banks have mortgage-de-mortgage once loan completed.

And this is for the first time that Society is facing this kind of issue so me and society members are not aware about further process whether they should provide new share certificate or extend the current one.

Thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated.

Rohan Shah

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