Comment on Co-operative Society flat transfer in your name by Gaurav.

Hello Sir… I am part of the MC in one of CGHS in Haryana. We are the newly elected MC after the builder ( also ex President ) has been terminated by registrar due to various anomalies. We don’t have a single document handed over to us as ex president submitted an FIR that we has lost all documents in a theft.
Now the question is that our society is allotted for Haryana state employees only however ex-president kept this as secret and transferred / sold few flats with false papers. Remaining owners are now requesting us to update their name in Form – L but since they are not Haryana state employees we cant change their name.
Question 1) What should we do for the existing members
Question 2) We came to know that few flats are on sale and they requested us to give NOC. Can we give a NOC in case buyer is non Haryana government employee.

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