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I wanted to check can a secretary’s husband attend the committee meeting instead of the secretary or in her presence, few people in the committee have an objection towards it. he does not have any kind of documents like joint, authorized officer, etc. what is the procedure a committee needs to follow in order to ensure this person who is not a part of the committee does not interfere with the society affairs as he is not letting the society progress and looks like is behind the funds only, especially so that he is not a part of the committee meetings as when we keep saying it verbally and few members try to say its fine since the wife is uneducated and does not know anything, apparently she was elected as she was a old member and we thought she was aware about the issues and background of the society and the building and all the other members are fairly new who have purchased the flats in the last 2-4 years. but it is legally not correct that he should be allowed to attend the committee meeting. can 1 member(minority) object the same? can we give a letter in writing to the chairman or secretary so that we have a proof for further course of action? what if our appeal is not heard by them? what action can we take then? By the way we are part of the committee.

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Co-operative Society cannot refuse to give NOC
the previous secretary had used lot of money from the society fund, has also built premises which is not a part of blueprint and is an external area from what was allotted to her, has a extra connection for herself for water, has not paid the tax, not paying maintenance after the society has been away from her hand, has not handed all papers and stamps during transfer, few members of the new committee were a part of all this previously. please advise what needs to be done as cannot trust any members of the new committee as well as the legal advisor(lawyer) as he is has been with that committee and majority members of the new committee have agreed to keep the same lawyer as he charges penny in front of the other lawyers. hence cant trust his intentions behind charging almost 90% less than the market price including accounting, legal advisory and audits. please let me know what can be done?

Co-operative Society cannot refuse to give NOC
Hi, just wanted to check can a managing committee have their rule of issuing a bank NOC on a resale flat only if the transfer amount is paid by the buyer?

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