Comment on Co-operative Society cannot refuse to give NOC by Rajesh shinde.

Dear sir/madam.
Six months back by son hd an accident with bicycle n gt a surgery (rod n plate fixed for a year)so Dr. suggest tat dnt allow bicycle him till 6mnths so we requested society to keep cycle in the passage fr 6mnths they gv permission n after 2mnths they put penalty of 1000rs/month n we requested them again bt won’t permitted. coz my son is small and he will get tempted to ride it we didn’t kept cycle down so they continue the penalty of 1000rs. nw we wanted the NOC for the passport n they are nt giving it. N saying that clear the penalty due’s 1st then we will give you monsoon we can keep the cycles in passage bt u hv the valid reason yet won’t. What can I do please help me.

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