Comment on Co-operative Society cannot refuse to give NOC by Peter Pereira.

My mother in law who is 87 years old wants to sell her flat in Bandra(west) has informed her Society on November 21, 2013 her desire to sell and requested a NOC from her CHS. The office bearers have held a meeting on December 13 2013 and in the meeting has passed a resolution that she has to pay Rs.1 lakh only then a NOC will be issued besided there are three conditions that the society has stipulated for transfer a) All legal documentation and formalities to be completed by the member for sale of flat and transfer premium be paid to the Society i.e Rs.25,000/- . b) The flat will be used for residential purpose only. c) No structural changes will be allowed to be carried out in the flat. Informed the Society that the member should be formally informed in writing a) Acknowledge the application of the member dated November 21, 2013 for the sale of her flat and documents copies and NOC required by the member to carry out the sale. b) Agenda and Minutes of the meeting held on December 13, 2013. Please advice what is the course of action that my mother in law has to take to get justice. She being a Senior Citizen of 87years this has been a trauma and mental anxiety for her. Thanks – Peter Pereira

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