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Dear Sir, thanks for the feedback.. Society has already checked all the documents. The buyer and seller have also been introduced to the committee. But one or two members are challenging the transfer only because the seller did not coordinate with the society for years and only while transfer process is visiting the society office. Is the current committee liable to hold the transfer for such challenges.

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Co-operative Society cannot refuse to give NOC
Dear Sir,
A flat owner in our society, has never turned up in last 25 years and the flat was occupied by another person till date with Non-occupancy charges being levied. Now the owner has sold the flat to the same tenant. All registeration, stamp duty formalities have been completed. But when the documents have been submitted to the previous committee, they declined to do that for some reason, that why did the owner did not communicate to the society and has not paid visit to the society in so many years. The owner is already a registered member of the society and has the share certificate in his name, but does not possess the original agreement between the builder and himself. He had a photocopy of it which he has already submitted to the society with all the transfer document. Also he has given his proof of identity and address to the society with declaration about the missing original aggreement ona stamp paper which is notarised.
Can the society in this allow the transfer to happen or not.
Kindly help..

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