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my father left a will(“will” was prepared by a Lawyer but without taking signature of any witnesses) where in he stated that flat be transferred in my name. but the will was not registered. The Main Committee of Society agreed to accept old “WILL” but Adhoc committee refused to accept the same and they are asking me get new NOC from my siblings. what is your opinion in this matter.

I have made a “NOMINATION FORM NO 14” in which I have taken the signature of my Father and Signature of my brothers as witnessed also. do you require a stamp on this nomination form.


Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member
My father had prepared a “WILL” in front of my siblings. but lawyer had not taken signature from outsiders as witness and not put the photoes of siblings on “WILL”. I had number of times tried to approach President and Secretary to submit my “WILL”. All the times they refused to take complaints and accept the “WILL”.

Our Soceity having two Committee – 1) Main Committee (Members who bought flat directly from builder) which elected by voting 2) Adhoc Committee ( Old Members from SRA Project. I am member of Adhoc Committee.

I had sent the proposal form to Main Committee for transfer of titles to my name through lawyer by Registered Post Parcel but same has refused to accept the post parcel by President. Parcel was lying with Post Office for 20 days in distorted condition. But chairman has not collected the parcel from post office though he has been intimated by post to collect the same in 7 days. Then I personally approach the President of main committee to deliver the same. But President of Main Committee started abusing me and saying that why are you writing letter instead writing letter to your Adhoc Committee. Then Chairman spoke to the secretary of main committee over phone. Secretary called up me and and president of Adhoc and Secretary of Main Committee told me in front of President of our Adhoc Committee if you pay maintenance charges to our committee then I will accept your proposal and will give you “NOC”. and also requested to our president of Adhoc Committee to accept that parcel and give me a “NOC”. but he refused to accept the parcel. and told me to get new NOC Letter from your siblings. Secretary of Main Committee has no problem of taking old “NOC” and tried convenience the chairman of Adhoc Committee that they don’t have mind to accept the old “will”. but He is stick to that point only I should get new “NOC” from my sibiling. now suggest me what to do in this matter. Is there any problem If I pay my maintenance charges to main committe?

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