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I stay at Dombivli (W) in a Co-op Society, i want to know whether Managiging committee members in their meeting can take decision of charging NOC charges from the members of the society or whether there is any provision in bye laws of the society whether society can charge NOC charges from the members who is going to Rent out his flat or Selling his flat?

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Legal notice to co-operative group housing society
Dear Sir,

If the member of the society is not staying here and he has taken another Flat somewhere else, but still he is member of the Committee member as a Chairman, can he be the Committee member of the society and he has given his old flat on rental basis, please give advise?

Upper floor flat owner not repairing his toilet seepage
I am leaving in a co-op society at Dombivli since 25 years and my flat is at Ground Floor and the 1st Floor Flat owner has two flats the flat above my flat he has done some renovation work in his house last 2/3 years back, he has converted bathroom to toilet due to which there is leakage in the bathroom at the upper side where i kept my water tank, i have reminded him several times, but he is not responding and it is not leakaging and i will not do anything and now he is saying that whatever the expenses took place we will pay 50-50, i want to ask that why i should bear the expenses, it is the internal problem of the upper flat owner and the upper flat owner has to solve his own, please give advise whether there is any bye laws where both uppper and lower flat owners shall bear 50-50 expenses? Please adivse what to do?

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