Comment on Co-operative Society cannot refuse to give NOC by prakash D.

I am from navi mumbsi,Foi cidco transfer of indual flats,society first asking for Rs.25000/- from first party and additional Rs.40000 /_for second party for Cisco transfer and ownership..As a second party,I already paid Rs.25000 & Rs.40000/_ respectively.Agiain they are asking for Rs.17000/_ which I assure to pay by April 3017,but chairman and secretory send me a notice stated that if the amt not paid by 31st Dec 16,they charge interest a@ 3.5%..Which I am refused to pay interest and ask them,if they will not wait till April 17,then do not procedure my doc’s fir further process and get back my both amount which I paid for transfer .,b’ se this is induale work,then why they are charging interest for that..Pl guide me.

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