co-operative societies must have their own web-site

In a landmark Order of Delhi Co-operative Tribunal, the court gave a general direction to all the co-operative societies to maintain their own web site. This has become otherwise also essential due to technological advancement in the general public.

WEB SITES OF CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES: The Bairwa Bharti Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd has started maintaining such a web site which can be viewed at http://bairwabharti.cghsltd.in

Anoth web site being made is of Lovely Home Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd at

Such web sites are being provided by Disputes Settlement Trust. The scheme of providing such web sites can be viewed at

Such web sites are available in just Rs.5,000/- for un-limited number of years. Further expense is only Rs.500 per month. All previous years shall be at the rate of Rs.5,000 per year. No annual fees to be paid. No space charges. SEO will be done free by us.

BEST BENEFIT TO MEMBERS: None of the Committee can delete previous data. All documents photographs and videos can be seen by any one at all times.

co-operative societies must have their own web-site

Here are the orders of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies and also the orders of Delhi co-operative Tribunal

In another judgment of High Court of Delhi, the court held that the Registrar of co-operative societies is a “Public Authority” and hence duty bound to comply with the provisions of RTI Act and is required to provide information as provided for under Section 2(f) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, subject only to the limitations enumerated under Section 8 of the RTI Act.

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Whereas, the DCS Act, 2003 provides the right to information in its section 139 and the DCS Rules provide the right to information in its Rule 165 of the DCS Rules, 2007. Therefore, all the members of society are having right to information from the societies on any records of the society.

The right to information act, 2005 is having indirect effects on section 139 of the DCS Act, 2003 and Rule 165 of the DCS Rules, 2007, wherein, it is essential for every co-operative society to keep their all the essential records either open to the members or put such record on their web-sites.

The Delhi Co-operative Tribunal made an observation in a appeal before them that before parting with the order we would like to mention that because of absence of transparency in the day to day work of the societies by its managing committee, the litigation is on the increase. Members of the societies are not aware of the proceedings conducted by their managing committee. This is high time for all the societies to have their own websites. We feel that if the proceedings or the notices to the members are uploaded on the websites, the litigation would decrease.

co-operative societies must have their own web-site

FOR THE BENEFIT OF SOCIETIES: A NGO with the name Disputes-Settlement-Trust has started providing free web sites from its own funds.


The Disputes Settlement Trust

308 Aggarwal Towers, Plot No.2, Sector-5,

Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075

Mobile: 9810065448, 9560339489



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  • H P Nanda says:

    please enlighten as regards reference of DCT, Hon’ble High Court Order and Dispute settlement Trust in this blog.

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  • Pawan Singh says:

    I have booked a flat in L-ZONE dwarka under a Multistate cooperaive housing society Under MPD-2021 Land pooling policy. society is raising funds from public in respect of land cost. after giving money I come to know that DDA is not endorse any society under l-zone under mpd2021 until unless land pooling is not finalize or implementation guide line is given. so please guide me
    Am I a legal buyer in this zone.
    Can seek court for my money back.

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  • Asha goel says:

    There is ample space in the society compound where we can park our without anyone getting disturbed or troubled
    But the society committe is putting objection to us in parking our car
    Saying this is your third car and you have only two car parking
    Everyday they create some or the other problem for us to park the car
    Please suggest
    Need your help

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  • Mrs priyanka says:

    I m Thane resident having 2nd resale flat in same bldg same wing, I m a joint owner. Can I have right to vote in society’s committee election as our present secretary denied and said my purchase of flat is not legal as my flat is on rent and only member is having right to vote though I have two flat

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  • Mrs priyanka says:

    Thank you sir, but I would b thankful if there will be clarity to whether I can have two flats in same building.. THANK YOU SIR.

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  • Neel says:

    Can father of two son be secretary or chairman of society?

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  • Rani kakkar says:

    Please guide us : we have existing balcony of 3 fts. Can we extend balcony without permission . We are living on the first floor of the society . We are living in I p extension group housing society

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  • Advocateji says:

    Dear Rani Kakkar, No. It has to be approved by Society

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