Co-operative societies must put all documents on web site

Following is the letter received from the Registrar of Co-operative societies to all the co-operative societies to make all the documents available online for the members of the society.

It is found that web sites are easily available during this period in just Rs.5,000/- for up-loading all the files, maps and documents after getting them scanned. Recurring expense is just Rs.500/- per month. Such a web site is available at

following is the text of the letter






No: 839

To, F. No. – (180) RCS/Coop/CC/2012/Part-1/839

All Registered Societies


Subject: Regarding online availability of documents (e-RCS)

Office of Registrar Cooperative Society has decided to encourage and promote online web culture among the registered societies and to bring more transparency and easily available efficient informative online public services.

  1. The documents like Annual returns, Audit Reports, Election Details, Bearer Details, public notices, contact detail, AGM & SGBM details etc are to be scanned and digitized and to upload & display on their own respective independent websites to share in public domain and with this Department.
  2. In this regard a workshop on Website Development & Designing has been scheduled in the campus of O/o Registrar Cooperative Societies, GNCTD; your society’s representatives are requested as it is mandate to attend the aforesaid workshop as per your schedule enclosed as Annexure-I with this letter.
  3. Whereas it is mandatory/compulsory for each society to provide your respective url website address to incorporate with official website of this Department i.e.:-

within three months of issuance of this letter

  1. For further queries following may be contacted:-

Assistant Programmer, Computer Branch, Room No: 5

O/o RCS, GNCTD, Parliament Street, Delhi 110001

011-23748132, 9811435942,

        This issues with the prior approval of worthy RCS.

(T. Tarun Kumar)

Asstt. Director (Registrar Cooperative Societies)

File No.:-(180) RCS/Coop/CC/2012/Part-1/839


Copy forwarded to:-

  1. Harpreet Singh, Sr. Event Promotional Manager, Steer Logix Pvt limited, Delhi with request for execution of workshop on Website Development and Designing in this regard.
  2. Assistant Registrar, Caretaking Branch with Directions for proper sitting and related arrangements and to assist Computer Branch in this regard.

Copy for kind information to:-

  1. PS-to-RCS, DRCS IV

Enclosures:- Annexure-I (Workshop Schedule)

(T.TarunKumar )

Asstt. Director (Registrar Cooperative Societies)


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