Co-operative societies dispute car parking rules in Delhi


WE  have been getting a lot of inquiries from various co-operative societies in Delhi (NCR) as well as from Maharashtra state on this topic.

We are handling number of cases with the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Consumer Forum and Other different authorities relating to Car Parking rates.

It has come to our notice that different societies have started charging different rates of car parking charges from the members of the co-operative societies.

When members are willingly paying and the society is accepting it, all think that this must be a rule. But it is not so.


In our opinion all societies are not charging fair rate from the members.for example, if a society charges on the basis of number of cars being parked in the premises of the society like on 1st car Rs.100/- on 2nd car Rs.200/- on 3rd car Rs.300, 4th car Rs.400 and so on. If the members agree to pay and have been paying. No outsider can do anything to stop them.

On seeing one society charging in the above manner, other societies also start charging the members on the similar lines. If at all the society is doing some extra services to park and take care of vehicles, it should charge per vehicle or no charge could be separately levied.


We can not leak out the names of the persons and the societies, but we can inform all through this web-site that members have become aware of exploitation of the rich members through the managing committee also.

The societies have come to us, to resolve the dispute raised by the members on the rate of charging the car parking charges and we are resolving it amicably and 100% legally.

Members of the societies have also approached us with the grievance that their society is charging different rate of car parking their car based on number of car parked by a member. We have tried to resolve but the matter could not be resolved amicably and therefore the matter has been filed by our legal experts with the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Delhi.


We are sure that the members who have approached us against such car parking issues, will certainly win their case in the Arbitration conducted by Registrar of Co-operative Society.

The arbitrator has given the verdict against the co-operative society charging in such a manner.

There is a society which filed an appeal before the Tribunal and it was allowed by the Tribunal but the conscience member fighting for justice to all the members living in the co-operative society has filed a Writ Petition in the High Court of Delhi against the decision of the Tribunal. He has challenged that demand of car parking charges on common space in a society is totally illegal and based his pleading on many counts.


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  • Gunjan Goel says:

    What tennants have to do for car parking if society does not allowing second car of tennants only? And others members of society were parking there 3-4 cars

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  • dfsc pkl says:

    I am a member of cooperative society in chandigarh and my DU is facing park . Adult children not from our socirty but from other society used to play which causes lots of convenience but polluted the atmosphere . How to stop them in legal way .

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  • Kulbir Singh Sachdev says:

    I am residing in Dwarka CGHS society. I am physically handicapped person. Is there rules for the reserved space for physical handicapped person parking facility as per society/govt rules. The free parking space for everyone is addmissible in society. Please let me know the rules.

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  • M K Jain says:

    We are resident of Eligible CGHS ltd., having three vehicles, one medium and two small. Recently, society has levied Rs/1000/- for 3rd vehicle, without any justification. we contested for non levy, which was not recorded in the minutes and decided to charge Rs.1000/- for 3rd car from August 2018.

    Kindly advise how to get rid off. Because Rs. 1000/- is on very higher side.

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