Circulation of Minutes of General Meeting to members: Minutes of meeting of general meeting must be circulated to members

Circulation of Minutes of GM to members: After properly conducted general meeting in a co-operative housing society, the managing committee is duty bound to write the minutes within 4 days from the date of the general meeting. The Chairman or President of the meeting is responsible to ensure that the minutes are recorded correctly and within 4 days from the conduct of the meeting.

After the minutes are recorded in the minutes book of the Co-operative Society, the next duty is of the Managing Committee and specially the Hony Secretary of the Society to circulate the minutes to all the members of the co-operative society, within 15 days from the date of the conduct of general meeting. The minutes may be sent by courier or speed post or by personally handing over against signatures, but by all means the minutes are required to be handed over in the hands of the members as an essential requirement.

Nav Nirman co-op society


IN CASE OF NON HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES: The minutes of the general meeting can be placed on the Notice Board of the Society.



  • Suhail says:

    A per bylaws the Minutes of AGM should be circulated within 90 days . Is the new amendment say that it should be circulated within 15 days from the date of AGM. In my Society, no 14 days notice is circulated. AGM is not conducted by cut off date as on 30th September 2013 . As per MCS Act the Dy. Registrar will conduct the AGM , WHere the MC stand, does it faces disqualification or what is action to be initiated by the Dy. Registrar.

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  • dattajoshi says:

    Can Society make a plea that it has served the notice of Special Genral Body meeting by placing the notice in the Notice Board & a special resolution passed in such meeting is binding on all members of the Society.

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  • Rajesh pandurang thakur says:

    I am a member of chs nehru nagar kurla Ratnadeep bldg no 60 in the year 2007 first time I complaint to dy reg. But dy reg didn’t taken any serious action against management but I wasn’t fed up of managing committee in between election were declared the new coming committee also follow same procedure again I started complaining to dy reg and also higher authority the pressure built up on dy reg by filling RTI. In complaint made by applicant many things were violated by managing committee in that minutes of copy were not distribute by committee members as per rule but while hearing by dy reg the managing committee gave me minutes of copy and as per direction dy reg they have given in writing that they will follow the rules and regulations and distribute copy of minutes but from 2009 to 2016 till today again they started violating and disobeying dy reg order. AS SURPRISING I AM VERY SORRY TO SAY IN THIS SOCIETY WELL EDUCATED MEMBERS ARE THERE AND FROM THEM ONE OF THE MEMBER SAYS IF I AM NOT DEMANDING FOR MINUTES OF COPY THEN WHY YOU ARE DEMANDING !!! So surprise know. Whereever these type of members are there nothing can happen nobody say that I am correct and I should be given minutes of copy.

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  • Jayantibhai Patel says:

    Is it mandatory to sign the draft Special General Meeting minutes before circulation ? If not, under which section/clause of the bye laws ?

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  • vishwas patankar says:

    In our Society’s AGM the unanimous decision was to demand the resignation of the Chairman. But he refused to resign saying that Registrar must be called for passing No Confidence Motion. Thereby date is fixed for 21 days later. However, he has not yet put up the Notice for SGM to hold No Confidence motion.
    What remedy do we members have?
    Chairman is being asked to resign on account of fraud. He did not bill himself parking charges for 30 months and on finding out we asked him to pay with interest and resign on grounds of cheating.
    Please advise if any faster remedy exists….
    Thank you.

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  • If the committee members are taking decisions particularly in favour of carrying development works involving huge fund of the society without having full support from the society members then what to do? In every AGM they are taking decision for spending huge money on development works and collecting the maintenance charges by increasing the maintenance charges every year, is it right?
    Committee members are forming group and discussion within them and taking the decision in the AGM by the group members, is it right?

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  • Shailesh S Gurjar says:

    How compulsory is to circulate AGM minutes to all Society Members?

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  • cynthia D'cunha says:

    point no.1. if the AGM is incompleted then what needs to be done.

    Point No.2. we had the AGM on 3rd september 2016 and the AGM minutes were circulated by this new managing committee on the 1st of december 2016
    Could you please guide on this subject if this is right or wrong and what action needs to be taken.
    Objections on the last AGM which was held on 25th september 2015 was given by one member on the 2nd june 2016. thats 09 months after the AGM minutes were circulated.

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  • S.K.Agarwal says:

    I am a member of IOB CGHS in Noida, plot no. C-58/21 sector-62. AGM Held on 02-10- 2016 at 11 AM. TIll date I have not received any draft MOM. The annual account submitted were also incomplete. All discusions held verbally. Till date as per AGM discussions no action for repair or maintenance is visible, pl advice.

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  • Deepa Murali says:

    I am a member of Eskon Heights CHS Ltd., Omnagar, Ambadi Road, Vasai (W). Our AGM Minutes were furnished to us on 22.01.2017. Those Members who were not present for the AGM their names were also included in the Minutes which I see as a kind of dirty game. The Chairman & Secretary both have resigned by verbal declaration at the time of AGM without showing any proof of documentary evidence. Now they mention in the minutes that since “many of the members have resigned they have written to the Dy. Registrar for conducting election for the new Managing Committee but most of the members insisted the committee member to carry out day to day work till the registrar elect the new managing committtee.” To make it clear, both the Chairman & Secretary had not asked any opinion as such, they were requested to initiate election procedures by majority of the members, which they are well aware of without any delay. This is their dilly dally tactic as both want to continue to do money laundering by giving contracts for repair works vide calling for tenders.

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