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Question 1: Can builder charge for common areas separately from the flat in a multistory complex ?

Answer: No


Question 2. Can builder charge for allotting parking to owners of flats in the common areas of multistory complex ?

Answer: No


Question 3. Can RWA allot parking space out of common areas in a multistory complex ?

Answer: No


Question 4. Can few members occupy same space in common areas for parking their car and they do not allow any other member to park their car, when the space is vacant ?

Answer: No


Question 5. Can stilt parking be occupied by flat owners above the stilt in multistory building ?

Answer: No


Question 6. Can builder having allotted shops in the multistory complex, charge a share of property tax of common areas / shops from the flat owners ?

Answer: No


Question 7. Can a builder occupy, charge and manage,  a club or a gym or a swimming pool in multistory complex, after handing over maintenance of the complex to the RWA ?

Answer: No, subject to the same are a part of compulsory part of common areas as per Apartment Ownership Act.




  • Shrikant says:

    I have purchased a parking @ 100000/- at Pune. Builder is not allotting me the parking space since there is no more vacant place. To whom shall I contact ? Is there right to info act applicable to collect the info about at what rate is has sold the covered parking?

  • vivek b says:

    I have purchased a flat in uttam nagar,as per the sale deed there is a common hatchback car parking given to me but the same has been given to another 10 more residents in 14 flats. now we are facing problems in common parking area .more over the builder has built 2 flats illegally in the common car parking area. I came to know about this when I checked the MCD plan & moreover no occupanants in those flats. what should I do give me your advice .is it possible to file a case in consumer court or FIR

  • janardan reddy says:

    Sir/madam: i bought a 3BHK flat on the top floor (4th) for Rs.77 lakh at Rs.4400/sq.ft . Builder says he owns the roof. I have asked him to transfer the ownership to our RWA. He is refusing. what should i do? thanks, janardan

  • Gurmeet Kaur Sachdeva says:

    I am living in a society in Gurgaon, haryana. We are made to pay Common Area Electricity and Water charges separately in addition to Maintenance Charges (CAM). This practice was initiated by RWA when they took over from the Builder. Can they charge common area electricity and water charges separately?


    I have booked a flat in Gurgaon Sec – 103 and builder is charging Rs/- 5 lakh for car parking.

  • Nirmal Singhvi says:

    i am purchasing a Flat on Ninth Floor from Company in 2012 in rajasthan. But Acutal Date of Project Sanction by UIT in 2010 and the condition of with 03 year Completed by project in Aug 2010 project passed by UIT 08th Floor only After one Year Aug 2011 UIT Passed 9th Floor. Builder is not completed project in UIT Conditions 03 year. Builder is not completed all amaneties till date but builder is Charging Interest from project Starting Date for Registration of Sale Deed . Can you Advise me ?

  • Pawan Saharan says:


    My builder is asking for parking charges. Is it necessary to pay for parking charges and club charges? I want to get parking space as it is assumed that parking space should be provided by developers without any extra charges. Any suggestion please.

  • Rita says:

    Builder is charging us annual charges for club. We have already paid club membership charges for 10years.Now they are asking for annual charges else they wouldnt let us proceed with registeration. We are not willing to avail any club services… Is it mandatory to pay annual club charges?

  • Bindu says:

    We are the owner of one flat in 5 floors building. We did not buy parking space in cellor ( which is mentioned as common area ). Other flat owners bought 80 ft as parking area. But not mentioned the cellor or any other place. At that time they did not have permission to cellor. All the owners paid some charges to Government and brought approval to cellor. Do we have same right as much as other flat owner have ? Can we use the cellor for our parking purpose?

  • Rama seetha says:

    We bought one flat in unauthorized 5 floors building. In sale deed the developer did not mention about parking. In others sale deed he mentioned “with parking”. Now all the owners of the building paid some amount to the government according to BRS (Building regularization scheme) and the concern authority gave approval to total 15 flats. The concern authority did not approve any reserved common areas or car parking slots in the cellar. But the 12 owners of the building reserved car parking in cellar. They are saying the reason was that they bought parking from the developer. What is our right on cellar usage. Are they have right to reserve area in cellar. our building society was not registered. All the owners of the building have same right on common areas or not.

  • Rama seetha says:

    Thank you sir. Very soon we will take legal help.Thank you so much for replying me.


    I have purchased a plot and constructed house my query is in a open space reserved for swimming pool can the promoter use the area for his commercial purpose or do farming on that

  • Kalyani Tamshetty says:

    Can a promoter use the reserved space for swimming pool for his purpose or farming in that vacent area

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