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Judgment of AFT, Kochi in non pensioner case ARMED FORCES TRIBUNAL, REGIONAL BENCH, KOCHI O.A.Nos. 142 of 2010, 106 of 2012, 189 of 2013, 192 of 2013, 193 of 2013, …Read the Rest

Counting of service before 17 years of age: Please note that those have joined the Indian Navy as a boys entries & his boys training period has been not counted for …Read the Rest

How do I protect myself from dowry proceedings?   Protection from dowry proceedings: I receive many queries from husbands claiming that their wives are taking unfair advantage of the availability …Read the Rest

absolute power corrupts absolutely a PF case   Sec 7A (EPF&MP Act 1952)  : {Rs.5 Lakhs Penalty to the PF Authorities} {Gist of the judgement} Power tends to corrupt and …Read the Rest

Politicians and bureaucrats despise Ex-Soldiers in India copied from published material in Social Medias, while the agitation of OROP going on at Jantar Mantar indefinitely WHY DO THE POLITICIANS AND …Read the Rest

Time bound deliver of services bill approved by Govt   Welcome move by the Government.   NEW DELHI: The Union Cabinet on Thursday gave in principle approval to a bill providing for time-bound …Read the Rest

*The Role Of The Prosecutor* The role of the Prosecutor is not to single-mindedly seek a conviction regardless of the evidence but his/her fundamental duty is to ensure that justice …Read the Rest

How can marriages be dissolved?   The same laws according to which the marriage was solemnised govern dissolution of marriages, and the rights consequent to the dissolution.   The Indian …Read the Rest

Curative petition in Supreme Court of India Question: Can you please tell me if there is any acquittal which occurred when an applicant filed review petition in Hon’ble Supreme court …Read the Rest

The Indian Evidence Act Act No.1 OF 1872 [AS ON 1956]  [15th March 1872.]   Preamble.- WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate, define and amend the law of Evidence;   …Read the Rest

 A PROVIDENT FUND —- A INSIGHT A provident fund —- insight: Q1) Who will be covered by the Pension Scheme? Ans.1: Every member of the ceased Family Pension Scheme 1971 …Read the Rest

IQ Gains The Elite Club Main Team Dear Iquians, In our meet @ The Ashoka on 27th October 2012 we all have brain stormed on the strategy to promote our …Read the Rest

Parents not bound to concede to children demands “Parents are in all circumstances, not bound to concede absolute decisional autonomy to their children, even if they have attained majority”, rules …Read the Rest

International Workers Provident Fund Scheme FAQ – International Workers provident fund provisions Under the Provident Fund Act, these are some special provisions for International Workers The notification Nos. GSR 705 …Read the Rest

Navy & Govt. denied Special Pension in spite of SC Judgment Govt has stopped/modified the reservist system from 03 July, 1976. But why it was kept as a secret? I …Read the Rest

Quashing of proceedings of non-compoundable offences 215198836-Fresh-Guidelines-on-Quashing-of-Proceedings-of-a-Non-compoundable-Offence-on-the-Basis-of-Settlement-Between-the-Parties Quashing of proceedings of non-compoundable offences Supreme Court issues fresh guidelines on quashing of proceedings of a non-compoundable offence on the basis of …Read the Rest

Affordable web site for Advocates in Rs.2000 – Affordable web site for Advocates in Rs.2000: We are pleased to inform the Advocates, Lawyers and Legal Advisers that there is a …Read the Rest

Veteran pension difference arrear from 2006 to 2009 Dear All,   Thanks a lot for the whelming response for my E-mails.   Please find the detailed working of your pension …Read the Rest

Title : BONDED LABOUR SYSTEM (ABOLITION) ACT, 1976 The Bonded Labour System Abolition Act 1976: Year : 1976 Act : PREAMBLE [Act 19 of 1976 as amenede by Act 73 …Read the Rest

Review of Decree to be done by same court  Notification No.128/Rules/DHC Dated : 15th July, 1993 In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 129 of the Code of Civil …Read the Rest

Jolly LLB a film for good governance Jolly LLB: Good governance with speed justice dream to audience. Dwarka Parichay Posted: 09 Apr 2013 04:57 PM PDT Rakesh Manchanda Lusaka-Republic of …Read the Rest

First Information Statement and First Information Report


Indian Naval Veteran Sailors Association (INVSA)   Dear All,   I am enclosing a PPT on the benefits what you were suppose to get & what you have got. Also …Read the Rest

Tenant should be aware of valuable tips Before deciding to rent a house, inspect it. Make sure that it is in good condition and the plumbing, electrical, and sanitary fittings …Read the Rest

RTI at High Court of Delhi RTI at High Court of Delhi : HIGH COURT OF DELHI : New Delhi NOTIFICATION No.162/Rules/DHC Dated : 6.5.2009 In exercise of the power …Read the Rest

Divine justice for Naval Reservists by Supreme Court of India Divine Justice for Naval personnel not placed on reserves due to change of policy in 1976 This is a case …Read the Rest

Aadhar card to be linked with many other documents – How to Link or Feed Aadhar Card with Voter ID Card via NVSP The election commission will link aadhar card …Read the Rest

serving of copy of petition to Govt attorney   Notification No.495/Rules/DHC Dated : 17th   serving of copy of petition to Govt attorney: In exercise of the power conferred by …Read the Rest

What is Basic Wage in India Which component constitutes “Basic Wages” as defined under Section 2(b) of the Employees’ Provident Fund and Misc. Provisions Act, 1952 ( short the ‘Act,1952’) …Read the Rest

No case against lawyer for any advice from him “CASE CANNOT BE REGISTERED AGAINST A LAWYER JUST BECAUSE HIS ADVICE WAS NOT RIGHT.” In an important decision Hon’ble Supreme Court …Read the Rest

How much do Delhi’s top advocates charge? The colonial-era building with a red sandstone dome on Delhi’s Bhagwan Dass Road is home to an elite class of lawyers who are …Read the Rest

basic wage interpreted differently by PF   From: Labour Laws Institute < > Subject: RE: [HRD] PF contribution on monthly gross (Including All Allowances).To: Date: Tuesday, 11 December, 2012, …Read the Rest

Title : THE EMPLOYERS LIABILITY ACT, 1938 The Employers Liability Act 1938: Year : 1938 Act : THE EMPLOYERS LIABILITY ACT, 1938.ACT NO. 24 OF 1938 1* [24th September, 1938.] …Read the Rest

Man in trouble for Pet-Dog bit woman NEW DELHI: A man has landed in legal trouble after his pet dog allegedly bit a woman. A trial court has rejected the …Read the Rest