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Cheque bounce case drawer to pay 20% interim compensation immediately Cheque bounce case latest amendments in law JULY 2018 Parliament today passed a bill aiming at allowing a court to …Read the Rest

Protection of action taken in good faith to consumer 28. Protection of action taken in good faith.-No suit, prosecution or other legal proceedings shall lie against the members of District …Read the Rest

Seepage from Upper Floor flats NATIONAL CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL COMMISSION NEW DELHI  REVISION PETITION NO. 84 of  2007 (From the Order dated 9.10.2006  in  First Appeal No. 561/2005  of the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Haryana) Seepage from Upper Floor flats  …Read the Rest

Member of co-operative society is Consumer A member of the Co-operative Society is a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act. The co-operative society is bound to provide all services to …Read the Rest

Consumer Forum orders Rs.15000 fine for mental agony reports from Chennai. Not delivering a greeting card after collecting Rs.40/- as service charge has cost a courier company Rs.15,000/-. A …Read the Rest

Insurance payable for death of policy holder due to mosquito bite  “Death of Policyholder patient due to Malaria after Mosquito Bite is an accidental death and hence Insurance Company is …Read the Rest

Jurisdiction in consumer protection laws Section 11. Jurisdiction of the District Forum.–( I) Subject to the other provisions of this Act, the District Forum shall have jurisdiction to entertain complaints …Read the Rest

Tenant will not be considered wilful defaulter When tenant will not be treated as willful defaulter? Having considered the rival submissions, we are in agreement with the view taken by …Read the Rest

Repair of seepage from upper floor 2009(1) Bom.C.R.(Cri.) 157 Before : Karnik D.G., J. Vasant S. Naik …                Petitioner. Versus Municipal Corporation of …Read the Rest

Falling of grit wash from outer walls of the building Falling grit wash from walls, roofs and stairs of buildings has become a threat to the lives of residents of …Read the Rest

SEEPAGE FROM UPPER FLOOR COMPLAINT:  There are several residents living in Co-operative Societies or DDA flats suffering from seepage problems. It happens some times that the upper floor owner and …Read the Rest

– parking problem and parking charges discussion or action – We have seen members of co-operative societies and members of societies or RWA discussing among themselves, enquiring on google and …Read the Rest

– Consumer Protection Cell Dwarka New Delhi – A consumer protection cell has been launched in Dwarka, New Delhi. The Cell gives you free advice to consumers if you are …Read the Rest

– Parking at owner’s risk in co-operative society Parking at owner risk in co-operative society: Then WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE BOARD “PARKING AT OWNER’S RISK. The committee of Co-operative …Read the Rest

Celebrities also liable for false advertising  NEW DELHI: If the skin whitening cream isn’t as phenomenal as advertised or the hair oil not producing a lush mop as promised, you …Read the Rest

Enforcement of orders by Consumer Courts Enforcement of orders by the Forum, the State Commission or the National Commission    Enforcement of orders by Consumer Courts (1) Where an interim …Read the Rest

Supreme Court fixes responsibility of TTE of Railways RTI उपयोगी जानकारी लखनऊ से जबलपुर लौटते वक्त एसी कोच में जबलपुर की एक महिला प्रोफेसर का पर्स चोरी हो गया, जिसमें …Read the Rest

Suing Guarantor by DRT is beyond jurisdiction REPORTABLE JUDGMENT Suing Guarantor by DRT is beyond jurisdiction IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION CIVIL APPEAL NOS.7164-7166 OF 2014 …Read the Rest

 Procedure on receipt of complaint by Consumer Court  Section 13. Procedure on receipt of complaint.- Procedure on receipt of complaint by Consumer Court (1) The District Forum shall, on admission …Read the Rest

Consumer protection guide for complaints and their redressal Each one of us is a ‘consumer’, right from the day the child comes in the womb till the day one goes …Read the Rest

RWA Subscription by choice only Several Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) are on a war footing after a local court recently ruled out that the residents are not liable to pay …Read the Rest

Functioning of Society or RWA – Residents Welare Association Dear Readers, We have received a email today the 13th day of July from MBLOCK [] and after perusal of the problems …Read the Rest

– Consumer Complaints by members of Co-operative Society and RWA As per Consumer Protection Act, the member of a co-operative society or a RWA (residents welfare association) is a Consumer. …Read the Rest

Green area is not a play ground of co-operative society Every multi-story building and specially the DDA flats and Co-operative group housing societies in Delhi are required to compulsorily maintain …Read the Rest

Dismissal of frivolous or vexatious complaints.-Where a complaint instituted before the District Forum, the State Commission or, as the case may be, the National Commission is found to be frivolous …Read the Rest

Builders cannot charge extra for car parking space: Flat purchasers need not shell out extra money from their savings to buy parking spaces, both open and closed, from property developers at …Read the Rest

Water seepage problems and remedies Water Seepage Inspection Water seepage is annoying to property owners. It is also challenging to engineers. Water seepage can be caused by various factors, such …Read the Rest

National Commission imposed 12% penalty on Jaypee Group The National Consumer Disputes Redress Commission has imposed a penalty of 12% to the Jaypee Group for not delivering the flats in …Read the Rest

CASE CANNOT BE REGISTERED AGAINST A LAWYER JUST BECAUSE HIS ADVICE WAS NOT RIGHT. In an important decision Hon’ble Supreme Court of India said, that if the advice of a …Read the Rest

Objections can not delay consumer case verdict FIRST PHASE In the consumer complaint case the party which files the case is called the Complainant and the party against whom the …Read the Rest

How a Home buyer is Consumer and Builder services provider: Under the Consumer Protection Act a CONSUMER is any person who (i) buys any goods for a consideration which has …Read the Rest

Un-fair trade practice by NMDC ruled out by CCI : The allegations leveled against National Mineral Development Corporation for anti-competitive practices with respect to mining activities and production of iron-ore in …Read the Rest

Banks Cannot Defame defaulters with Pictures Swati Deshpande, TNN Oct 27, 2013, 02.48AM IST MUMBAI: In a rapidly rising trend that experts term disquieting, unauthorized, even defamatory, many public sector …Read the Rest

Rights of Common Areas in a Colony DLF Limited ….. Appellant Versus Manmohan Lowe and others…..Respondents   Facts of the case: Rights of Common Areas in a Colony  The appeal …Read the Rest

Advocate Lawyer for consumer cases in Delhi – We get several enquirers for filing cases against certain organisation seeking a suitable advocate lawyer and consumer protection guide for them. We …Read the Rest

Defect or deficiency in a Consumer Dispute   Defect or deficiency in a Consumer Dispute (e) “consumer dispute” means a dispute where the person against whom a complaint has been …Read the Rest