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Can spouse, son or father attend AGM of co-operative society As per Delhi co-operative societies Act, 2003, Delhi co-operative Societies Rules, 2007 and bye laws of any of the co-operative …Read the Rest

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Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies Maintenance charges are those expenses which are required to be made every month by the co-operative society or a society. These may be essential …Read the Rest

General Body is final authority in co-op society There are number of people, organizations and members who read Section 30 of the Delhi Co-operative Societies Act, 2003 which is as …Read the Rest

Co-operative societies dispute car parking rules in Delhi WE  have been getting a lot of inquiries from various co-operative societies in Delhi (NCR) as well as from Maharashtra state on …Read the Rest

– Responsibility for un authorised construction in a co-operative society – It shall be the responsibility of the committee to ensure that the concerned local body is informed timely about …Read the Rest

Members of CGHS must enjoy common areas   The rights of the members of CGHS are protected by rule 106(11) are as below:- Members of CGHS must enjoy common areas: …Read the Rest

Legal notice to co-operative group housing society When a legal notice to co-operative group housing society should be served: If any member or a resident or a tenant of a …Read the Rest

Appeal against award on Lovely Home CGHS at DHC IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI O.M.P. 216/2008 M/S LOVELY HOME CO-OPERATIVE GROUP HOUSING SOCIETY LTD ….. Petitioner …Read the Rest

Agenda of meeting to be circulated in time   What is Agenda: Agenda is the list of matters to be taken up in the ensuing meeting of a body i.e …Read the Rest

Co-operative housing societies to pay Rs 6 per unit as power tariffs – NEW DELHI: Without changing the domestic power tariffs in the city, Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has …Read the Rest

– Reserved car parking allottee of lovely home cghs ltd Reserved Car Parking allottee of Lovely Home CGHS Ltd S.No Flat          Member                Name Phone Number 1.         A101       …Read the Rest

– Car Parking Charges Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.2500 Rs.5000 in co-operative society – Car Parking Charges from Rs.100 to Rs.5000 in society: There are several co-operative societies in India and specially …Read the Rest

– Multi-State Co-operative Societies Registration Abondoned – Alarmed by a spurt  in the registration of new cooperative societies, mostly credit ones, around the time the now-infamous Saradha chit fund scam …Read the Rest

What is reserved Car Parking space There are many illusions among the masses due to increase in number of vehicles to be parked by residents or office goers at their …Read the Rest

 Service Tax on Parking Charges – Co-operative societies Parking charges collected by Co-operative Housing Societies Service Tax on Parking Charges co-op society Before July  1, 2012: As per the notification …Read the Rest

Legal Notice to co-operative society for no transparency A legal notice has been served on a co-operative society for not providing documents and not providing the web-site with important documents …Read the Rest

Elections in Delhi Co-operative Societies HANDBOOK FOR RETURNING OFFICER (Guidelines for conduct of Election in Co‐operative Societies) S.No. Guidelines Relevant Provisions of DCS Act, 2003/DCS Rules, 2007 and Policy Circulars …Read the Rest

Service Tax is exempted to be levied on few services [TO BE PUBLISHED IN THE GAZZETE OF INDIA, EXTRAORDINARY, PART II, SECTION 3, SUB-SECTION (i)] Government of India Ministry of Finance …Read the Rest

Seepage in flats reduces life of building There are n number of multistory buildings in every big city of our country and almost every 3rd house is facing the problems …Read the Rest

Co-operative societies must raise funds as per law only It is essential for any corporate to raise funds for various needs of the corporate and a co-operative society being one …Read the Rest

Reserved Car Parking Space and stilt car parking BEFORE UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM, ONE MUST UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING DEFINITIONS (A) What is a CGH Society: A society registered under the DCS Act, …Read the Rest

Recovery of Debts from Members of Co-op Society Recovery of Debts from Members of Co-op Society: There are several societies and Resident Welfare Associations facing problems of recovery of dues …Read the Rest

RTI application to a co-operative Society APPLICATION UNDER THE RTI ACT, 2005 – BY ELECTRONIC MODE – BY MEMBER NO.173 DETAILS OF FEES: An amount of Rs.10/- is credited to …Read the Rest

Multistate Co-operative Societies  Click here for complete notification by Ministry of Corporate Affairs   Report of the Expert Group on Societies Registration Act, 1860  Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of …Read the Rest

Car Parking rules in Delhi co-operative housing societies WHO OWNS THE COMMON AREAS & FACILITIES: The land of co-operative societies is taken from DDA jointly by all the members of the …Read the Rest