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Common Parking space of Society: There are many illusions among the masses due to increase in number of vehicles to be parked by residents or office goers at their office place …Read the Rest

Car Parking charges imposed by Co-operative Society – There are several disputes of common car parking charges imposed by co-operative societies i.e. CGHS and RWA i.e. residents welfare associations found …Read the Rest

Car parking space in common areas charged by co-operative society Charging of car parking space in common space is illegal until an allotment has been made. If money is charged …Read the Rest

Co-operative Societies need to control use of water How much water is suitable for drinking water? P.S.Singh Less than 1% Explanation: Just 2.5% of the planet’s water is fresh. Less …Read the Rest

– Co-operative society and upper floor owner not repairing seepage – We get a lot of queries and requests for assistance to get rid of the problem of seepage from …Read the Rest

co-operative society is responsible to repair seepage from terrace Terrace above any flat of the co-operative society is common area of the society and only the society has the right …Read the Rest

Car parking charges in Common areas The Registrar of Co-operative Societies has accepted that there exist a dispute between a member and the Co-operative Society for imposing Car Parking Penalty …Read the Rest

Car parking space for visitors charged by co-op society Some of the co-operative societies in Delhi have been found charging car parking per half day or per hour from visitors …Read the Rest

Managing Committee must repair flats This is for the information of all concerned that the Managing Committee must repair flats after the managing committee of the society is bound to …Read the Rest

Building Maintenance Fund of Society Creation, maintenance, utilization of building and replacement fund Rule 96(1) of the DCS Rules, 2007: Building Maintenance Fund of Society: Every co-operative housing society shall …Read the Rest

– Appointment of Administrator in Co-operative Society – The managing committee of a co-operative is required to function according to bye laws of the society or a  co-operative society or …Read the Rest

Annual general body meeting of co-operative society Co-operative Society must call AGM in such a way that it is conducted on or before 27th October as per present Delhi Co-operative …Read the Rest

Freehold conversion of flats in CGHS By Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar Holding out that several anomalies exist in the Delhi Development Authority’s scheme of free-hold conversion for flats in Cooperative Group …Read the Rest

It may happen some time that a person not even member of the co-operative society and not even a creditor manages to elude the system or influence the authorities of …Read the Rest

Co-operative Society cannot present budget in AGM SGM Under the DCS Rules 102(3), a co-operative Society must circulate the budget to the members of the Society and residents in advance …Read the Rest

Execution of Award of Arbitrator relating to CGHS   The Award: When a dispute arises under Section 70 of the DCS Act, 2003 and the Dy Registrar adjudges that the …Read the Rest

Co-operative Group Housing Societies of Dwarka feel cheated and therefore a compaign is going on in all membership of the Societies to get together and fight against breach of trust …Read the Rest

Society adamant in giving NOC The Society generally can not refuse. It happens only when your approach is verbal. There may be another reason of not giving some cash for …Read the Rest

Society imposes charges without approval of AGM Under the DCS Act and the DCS Rules, the Managing Committee is required to make a budget estimate for the future year and …Read the Rest

Mandir in Delhi co-operative society not allowed A Delhi court has directed the shifting of a temple and deities from a housing society on a plea of a resident alleging that …Read the Rest

– Circulation of Minutes of General Meeting to members: Minutes of meeting of general meeting must be circulated to members Circulation of Minutes of GM to members: After properly conducted general …Read the Rest