Comment on Car Parking space in common areas allotted by co-operative society by Monesh Dadlani.

Have a query that requires to be sorted for the housing society I live in. I am the secretary to a housing society in South Mumbai , we have 58 parking slots for 56 flats in the bldg. There are several flats in the building which are vacant & some members who do not have cars. Hence several members are parking 2 cars in the compound. About 6 flats have been given out on leave & license. The older committee had set a rule of 1 car per flat which is quite fair & we are abiding by that. Now we have a few members who have more than one car & have started objecting to us providing 1 car parking slot to Licensees. They say licensees have no rights or what’s so ever on parking (even though we have a rule of 1 car per flat) & a flat owner who lives in the building has the right to park more than one car by taking away the licensees parking . Please advice.

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