Car Parking rules in Delhi co-operative housing societies

WHO OWNS THE COMMON AREAS & FACILITIES: The land of co-operative societies is taken from DDA jointly by all the members of the co-operative society. Therefore all the members are actual owners but due to provisions of law, every member is having un-divided interest in the common areas and facilities of the co-operative society.

CAR PARKING RULES – WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY: The elected Managing Committee is responsible to put up schemes to the general body meeting of the members to pass a scheme in the interest of all the members of the Society. The general meeting of co-operative society, in fact, is final authority to decide all the matters of the co-operative society. Therefore, the scheme put up by the Managing Committee after approval, need to be implemented by all the members of the co-operative society.

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CAR PARKING RULES: In case of any doubt in making or amending any rules, the model bye laws of co-operative societies provide in their main object to follow such rules / methods adopted by DDA or MCD in NCR of Delhi.

CAR PARKING RULES IN DELHI CO-OPERATIVE HOUSING SOCIETIES: require to think over before formulating that sufficient space is available with them or not. Which space is to be used for car parking? need to be identified.

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CAR PARKING RULES: To implement parking rules in co-operative housing societies you need to earmark space out of the common areas & facilities. The provisions in the co-operative laws provide to spare the space for car parking in the common areas only.

CAR PARKING RULES TO NOT TO PROVIDE CHARGES: To allow the members of the co-operative housing society to park their car, no charges should be collected, as the members are using their own common space and they are already paying for the maintenance of the Society.

CAR PARKING RULES – PENALTY ON PARKING: No penalty could be levied on parking of cars in the premises of the Society if a member is parking the car.

REMEDIES FOR UNDISCIPLINED MEMBERS: Parking rules should contain remedies to overcome any indiscipline in the use of common space.


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  • gurpreet singh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I m having a 1st floor 3SIDE corner DDA flat . My flat is freehold and of SFS MIG category As it’s the corner one, the space above the garages also comes with it.
    My query is ” can i cover it and make one room of 8′ × 14′ on it.

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  • Ravindran says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am the secretary of a group housing society in Coimbatore ,Tamil Nadu, Can you please clarify the following points on ” CAR PARKING ON COMMON AREAS ”
    1) What society can do if no of 2nd Cars are more than the spaces available in common areas?
    2) How to regulate the 2nd car parking when the spaces are not fixed to one particular resident.
    3) How can few residents can enjoy 2nd car parking on common areas where all are paying to maintain that?


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  • Aurrat says:

    We have lot of open spaces in our Society in Greater Noida but AGM decided in 2008 that owners cars will be parked in the driveway inside the gate of residents villas at night. Plots are large and there is enough space in driveways.

    However a few members are not following the rule even after many friendly reminders. Under the circumstances what steps can be taken by Society against members who refuse to follow rules?

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  • Shruti says:

    Sir I am having a ground floor dda flat in delhi.we have some open space in front of my flat and I used to park my car there.but the owner of the first floor flat above my flat says I will also park my car front of your courtyard.can I stop him to park car in front of my courtyard as my flat is free hold and dda has provided parking in society premises behind the flats

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  • Shruti says:

    Sir I am having a dda ground floor flat my flat is freehold I used to park car in front of my flat.but now the owner of first floor argue to park his car in front of my flat inspite of there has been parking available in backyard of the flats given by dda.wht are my rights plz suggest me.only one car can be parked in front of my flat

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    i have ground floor flat , in DDA BLOCK,

    ONE OF MY Neighbor , creating trouble , he is parked his vehicle in my house front gate.

    he have 1st floor , flat adjustant to my house.

    I am in big trouble.

    kindly help me out

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  • Prasheila Prabhu says:

    I live in a Cooperative Group Housing Society in Delhi. we are 765 members in all, and space under stilt parking is only 24. Now our managfing committee wants to sell the areas under stilt for car parking. Is it allowed under the law and orders passed by the supreme court.?
    No mention of the same was done when the society was formed, and parking was done by members who came to live there as ans when they came.

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