Car Parking is Dwarka residents nightmare at Delhi: Sub-city neither has good public transport system nor enough parking space outside markets. People are forced to park vehicles on main roads and get challaned

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New Delhi: A visit to Dwarka’s Sector 10 market last month cost E A Rizvi a Rs 600 parking challan. Rizvi (62) had left his car on the main road after he found the parking lot outside the busy shopping complex full. The traffic police fined him. Police concede there’s a serious parking space crunch in Dwarka’s markets. Yet, they fine those forced to park on the main roads. Since last October, they’ve issued 1,930 challans.

“Where do we park? Dwarka’s two main markets, Sectors 6 and 10, don’t have enough space. The sub-city doesn’t have a good public transport system. We’re forced to use our cars,’’ Rizvi, who lives in Sector 22, said.

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) allowed private builders to develop three-storey market complexes, but they didn’t force developers to create ample parking space. Consequently, most markets have small patches earmarked for cars. The Sector 6 market is a case in point. It has about 350 shops, but there’s space for not more than 300 cars.

“By 11am, after the market opens, the parking lot is almost full. During business hours, every inch is occupied,’’ Robin Sharma, president, Dwarka Vyapar Mandal, said. If own a car, the only way is to take either an auto or a rickshaw.

In 2010, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) started a special bus service within Dwarka, but withdrew it eight months later after losses mounted. “The service was poor. How can residents be penalized for using their cars when the government doesn’t provide a reliable public transport network and adequate parking space in markets,” Sharma asked.

Unlike major markets, local shopping complexes like the ones in Sectors 22 and 23 have basement parking. But builders keep them locked. “We have reported the matter to DDA, but they’ve done nothing. Builders should be told to open these parking spaces,’’ Rejimon C K, former president of Dwarka Forum, said.

Upset with DDA’s inaction, residents have asked the land-owning agency to immediately create more parking space. Dwarka Vyapar Mandal took up the issue with the Supreme Court-appointed monitoring committee on environment — Environment Pollution Control Authorty (EPCA). In 2010, EPCA chairman Bhure Lal visited the area and identified a two-acre plot near Sectors 6 and 10 for parking. “It’s close to two years now, but DDA has not developed the land,” Sharma said. But a DDA official claimed, “We had levelled the ground and asked shopkeepers to use it. But they don’t park here.” Shopkeepers said they had asked DDA to build a concrete floor.

Despite repeated attempts, TOI couldn’t get an official version from DDA’s spokesperson on the issue. But when TOI contacted Bhure Lal, he said: “There is a serious parking problem in Dwarka markets. DDA has not constructed sufficient parking space in markets as a result people are forced to park on main roads. I have written to the authorities.”

The Problems
No organized parking available in markets, except in Sector 6

No provision for underground parking; only 1 lane outside markets available for parking
Basement facilities locked
Multilevel parking proposed near Dwarka sports complex but work yet to start
2-acre plot near Sector 10 identified for surface-level parking, but DDA is yet to develop it

Dwarka is one of Asia’s largest residential areas. But due to poor planning, parking has become a problem in the area, especially in markets

Sector 6: 354 shops (approx) PARKING SPACE: 250-300 cars (outside complex)

Sector 10: 550 shops (approx) 250-300 cars (outside complex)
Sector 12: 1,000 shops (approx) 400-500 cars (outside complex)
Sector 22: 100 shops (Approx) No parking space (Basement parking closed)
Sector 23: 100 shops (approx) No parking space (Basement parking closed)
Other important markets: Sectors 4, 5, 7, 11, 19 No special provision for parking

LYING USELESS: DDA is yet to develop the Sec 10 plot as a parking lot
Along with parking problem , the population of
Dwarka is now 11 lac is also mentioned

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