Comment on Car Parking Charges on basis of Cars is illegal by harish kapoor.

In our residential society, Ground Floor flat owners (around 70 flats) have done encroachment of Society Land which is earmarked for parking. This means, that easily 70 more cars can be parked within the society. However, the MC instead of asking these flat owners to vacate the said society land have allowed them to encroach the same without any fee from such flat owners. On top of it, they are charging for car parking charges from residents of the society which have more than 1 car. This is simply a criminal lapse being done by the MC. It is also pertinent to note that MCD had in recent past, pursuant to Delhi High Court order, demolished the encroachment. However the MC has again allowed the same encroachment, that too without any charges, and are illegally charging for more than 1 car park.

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