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If there is vehicle which is non certified for PUC. is the parking is allowed ?

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Dear sir
I am the member of co-operative housing socity 33 members & in Mumbai.I lodged complaint to Dy Registrar against illegal committee formation. Registrar called both the parties on 10 the Jan 2019 hearing was completed and declared that that he will pass the order, but till today no order has been passed RTI as a reminder was put on 5th March 2019 but no rply.
Managing Committe without calling any meeting sanctioned Rs.70000.00 as a fee to Advocate who has been appointed for redevelopment matter. No camparative offers were called to to compare offer.
Meantime AGM on 3rd March 2019 passed a resolution that since I made a complaint to wrong authority I should pay Rs. 70000.00 to Society.
I look forward your cmments and can i approach human right.
Thanks & Regards
Manohar Raut

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