Comment on Car Parking Charges on basis of Cars is illegal by Animesh Prasad.

Hi, I am a tenant in a society in Pune. Recently the society has sent a notice to us regarding car parking as there are 2 cars belonging to our house. They have asked to make some arrangements ourselves, or pay annual charges for parking of second car (Rs 7500). I feel the charges are high and also for a tenant like me who can leave the house any time, paying annual charges doesn’t make sense. My queries: >> 1. Legally are societies allowed to take rent for parking spaces? 2. If I am ready to pay monthly charges, still can they force me to park outside the campus? >> In the notice it has been mentioned that “unpleasant action will be taken”. Use of such language is quite annoying/disturbing. I feel society should help the residents and not bother about earning money.

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