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I live in mahabhadrakali society. my issue is of parking. Their is underground parking and inside society driveway . This drive way is so big that both sides members are parking their cars. Not a single car is parked outside and not a single car is parked under ground. There is sufficient parking for everybody. Now the association is asking Rs.500 for Second car. And after charging Rs.500 the car will be parked outside the society. With one guard. They are saying Hon’ble Supreme Court has given full power to association. Elected members. Secondly every year they charge for something or other. Rs.10000 for making road inside society. Then Rs.24000 for repairing roof (Rs.1000 for two months). Rs. 1200/- maintenance charges this maintenance I can understand but this charges that charges. One of my friend who is staying in another society of Dwarka Delhi is told me to write to you. Because there is stay in parking case.

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Open Space Car Parking Charges in Societies
My second car is parked outside the society. Society is asking for Rs.500 every month. Basement with sprinklers is vacant . Outside society is DDA land they are saying Rs.500 is guard payment.. I cannot pay so in front of society I have parked my car with no guard. Then why society is asking for Rs.500.

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