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Respected sir
“common areas and facilities ” unless otherwise provided in the declaration, means:
Please explain this definition.

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Members of CGHS must enjoy common areas
Respected sir,
Our apartment complex does not have declaration. As per our apartment act this is punishable offence. But other flat owners are rejecting to do this. Our association is not registered. Can we file case against them to come forward and register deed of declaration.

Car Parking space in common areas allotted by co-operative society
On this issue what is your opinion as per Dcs act and dcs rules

Charges on common areas by builder
Thank you sir. Very soon we will take legal help.Thank you so much for replying me.

Charges on common areas by builder
We bought one flat in unauthorized 5 floors building. In sale deed the developer did not mention about parking. In others sale deed he mentioned “with parking”. Now all the owners of the building paid some amount to the government according to BRS (Building regularization scheme) and the concern authority gave approval to total 15 flats. The concern authority did not approve any reserved common areas or car parking slots in the cellar. But the 12 owners of the building reserved car parking in cellar. They are saying the reason was that they bought parking from the developer. What is our right on cellar usage. Are they have right to reserve area in cellar. our building society was not registered. All the owners of the building have same right on common areas or not.

Charges on common areas by builder
We are the owner of one flat in 5 floors building. We did not buy parking space in cellor ( which is mentioned as common area ). Other flat owners bought 80 ft as parking area. But not mentioned the cellor or any other place. At that time they did not have permission to cellor. All the owners paid some charges to Government and brought approval to cellor. Do we have same right as much as other flat owner have ? Can we use the cellor for our parking purpose?

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