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Respected sir
“common areas and facilities ” unless otherwise provided in the declaration, means:
Please explain this definition.

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Stilt car parking versus open car parking
The other flat owners are not agreeing to implement apartment act and they are not coming to register declaration as per apartment act. Because of this we all are in this situations. Thank you for your advice. Immediately we take legal help on this in our state.(Hyderabad, Telangana). Thank you sir.

Stilt car parking versus open car parking
We purchased a flat and undevided share of land in a illegal building from land owner. Total 15 flats sold out and land owner and her GPA holder left the building. Later we 15 members paid amount to concern authority. They regularised 15 flats(G+4 floors) . At that time they does not charged and not regularised the cellar area. They considered it as land. But last year some members of our building occupaid entire cellar. They said they purchased flat with parking from the old owner. Till now we did not submit our property to provisions of apartment act. Till now we does not declared our share of land as
common area. Can we claim our share of land for our parking purpose or can we demand them to submit the property to provisions apartment act.

Members of CGHS must enjoy common areas
Respected sir,
Our apartment complex does not have declaration. As per our apartment act this is punishable offence. But other flat owners are rejecting to do this. Our association is not registered. Can we file case against them to come forward and register deed of declaration.

Car Parking space in common areas allotted by co-operative society
On this issue what is your opinion as per Dcs act and dcs rules

Charges on common areas by builder
Thank you sir. Very soon we will take legal help.Thank you so much for replying me.

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