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Hello Sir, I have not purchased a parking while buying the flat. Recently I am being told by the Society secretary to park my vehicle outside the society premises. I think I should take up this matter with the proper channel hence have came to know of this forum. I need urgent professional help.

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Reserved Car Parking Space and stilt car parking
I need a solicitor for a problem I am facing in my society regarding parking. I have not purchased the parking but I am forced by the society secretary to park the vehicle outside society premises. I am seeking for an urgent expert advice. Can anybody help me with this issue. I am posting this message second time as I did not get any response for my earlier message.

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Hi, I have purchased a flat and staying the society since May 2010. I have not purchased any parking space separately from builder with the assumption that I would get an open parking space once the society is formed. My concern is that there is not enough parking space in the society and I am being told by the society secretary that I would need to park my car outside society premises as I have not purchased open parking from builder, however I believe I have full rights to park my vehicle inside society premises. Also the open parking being sold by the builder doesn’t seems legal to me, please correct me if I am wrong. My only request is to park my car inside society premise and not own the parking space. Can you please help me how I should proceed with problem.

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