Car Parking Charges Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.2500 Rs.5000 in co-operative society


Car Parking Charges from Rs.100 to Rs.5000 in society: There are several co-operative societies in India and specially in NCR Delhi, where it is a rampant practice to charge Car Parking from Rs.100 to Rs.5000 per car per month.


The co-operative societies are having 3 types of psychological bearing.

(A) Few of the members are very active, having political thinking, can get the things done and they are normally the members of the managing committee.

(B) Large number of members are such, who trust that what ever the managing committee does is always right and they do not want to take any chance to say anything to committee, else they will feel bad. They are afraid as if they object to any thing, they will not be given facilities in the society and their life may become a hell

(C) There are few members, who are in between both these above categories. They understand that category (B) are only the followers and category (A) are the hard nut to crack to work as per rules of the co-operatives. This (C) category members take up the issues which seem to them improper or un-justifiable, with the managing committee and also with the higher authorities. These are in the category of sensible members.

(D) There are just 2-4% members who are wealthy and imposing justifiable or un-justifiable charges on them by the committee dont affect their expenses and therefore they fall in the category of DONT CARE.

ONLY THE (C) category of members can gird up their lion and fight against exploitation and for their fundamental rights in this co-operative sector. This category, have to face political policies and working of the managing committee, biased officials of the Registrar of co-operative societies and other officials who supervise the working of the co-operative societies.


The Disputes Settlement Trust, which is this web-site as their mouthpiece, has decided to support all those citizen of the country who would like to ensure that their fundamental rights are not snatched and they will not bear any more exploitation.

The aims and objects of this Trust is to settle all the matters as far as is possible through mediation, conciliation and arbitration. However, if the need arises, then only the Trust helps in pursuing the legal case through the Trust or otherwise in any court.

We invite you to send your problems of charges (un-fair charges) being imposed by any society or car parking contractors to us for taking up necessary steps in right directions.


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  • Narendra A. Gala says:

    We have two Nursing Homes in our society. They are since inception and their location is such that all people standing outside/waiting outside, block the common passage (which legally is Recreation Ground). Also it is a nuisance by the patience’s children who have damaged the car parked out there.

    The Nursing Homes are situated at the Ground Floor and have a entrance which is different from Society wing entrances. But the problem is that the buildings of the society are in a C shape, all entrances from inside the C-shape and the Nursing Homes are also situated inside in C-Shape.

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