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There is a running case(filed by me) in consumer court “deficiency in service” against society management(Delhi) where my dispute amount is 1.25L and opposite party(O.P) dispute amount is Rs16300(as per them). Now, few months back , they filed a case in registrar and couple days back , we had hearing there, registrar verbally said to me to pay the disputable amount to O.P.,but they havent given any in written or he said he will move this case to arbitration where we may need to pay more money. So Sir, I have paid the balance amount to O.P. and informed to the Registrar as well, Today, O.P. called me for compromise and said to compromise and said to compromise this case with amount Rs 5000. I denied for it as I have big disputable amount.So, they said that we wont restore your services. Get in written from Court.
1) When I have paid all mu dues,Can they still stop my services?
2)Can I approach to police for the same?

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Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member
Hello Sir,
There is a running case(filed by me)in Consumer Court regarding”deficiency in service”against society mgmt(delhi)where mydisputal amount is Rs1.25L and their disputal amount is rs10,200(as per them).Now,few months back , they filed a case in registrar,yesterday there was hearing with them , registrar said verbally to pay the disputal amount to O.P.,but they havent given anything in written or they said they will move this case to arbitraton where we may need to pay more money.
1)Should I pay amount to O.P?Should i pay it with or without NOC?
2)As registrar havent given in written ,so can they ignore this in future or may lead case to another direction?
3)Is any lawyer assigned to both party in Arbitration?
4) Where could I approach if in case, I have to file a case against registrar reply/final decision?
Thanks in Advance

Deficiencies in services by co-operative society
Thank you sir for details. I am ready to face the RCS case , but can a case run at two different places ? Secondly , it is possible that RCS can ask Consumer Court to assign this case to them( or dismiss the case on their side) because I’ve heard that RCS mostly results out the case in management Society favor. Is there any limit or time period within which consumer court has to dispose the case in any of one favor? Your knowledge always help us,its path showing. thanks. Regards

Deficiencies in services by co-operative society
Hello Sir,

I would like to inform that as there was ” Deficiency in service” Case was raised against CHGS Delhi in month Sep’15. I looped lots of emails to the Registrar of CHGS at that time, but as I didn’t get any response from Registrar , I filed a case in Consumer Court few months back. Now, couple of days back , I got a Hard copy from Registrar for summon ( Respondent has filed a report in Registrar office ). I would like to ask , Is it possible when
(i) Already Case is going with Consumer Court , Can they file a report to Registrar?
(ii) Is there any rule through which I can cancel their point ?

Please tell me how can i proceed. Your suggestion would be highly appreciated.


General Body is final authority in co-op society
Thank you sir for sharing your advice. As of now , Case is with Consumer Court. Can you please help me with any such kind of examples if you have so that I can present in Court? If would be much appreciated. Your advice are always appreciated.

General Body is final authority in co-op society
My CHGS apartment management comittee is saying that there decision is final wether its mention in DCS Act 2003/2007 or not . Rules will be followed in society whatever decided by Management .According to me DCS Act is universal Act which is followed first and if there ny addtional points to be add, then Managing comittee can think over it. Do you also think the same ?Please share any section number which fails their term or how should i proceed. your suggestion would be highly appreaciated.

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