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our builder sold 250 plots & promise us I will provide swimming pool presently we r only 5 families residing but now our builder using our swimming pool as commercial. We r only 5 families staying inside society outsider using swimming pool r mostly drunk & drug addicts making huge noises our families r worried because we r all employees working whole day out sir give us very god advice to stop all the thing done by the builder. we have already paid a one-time amount of Rs.30000/- for the same facility all plot owners paid this amount. sir, help us by giving your advice we feel secure

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Charitable and Religious Trusts Act 1920
Dear Sir,

I would like to know that I am residing in well-known society at Kharar all 250 plots sold out & presently our only 5 families are residing there. Sir our builder started using swimming pool as commercial and due to this, our families r not safe. some drug addicts, drinkers & outside people r using our swimming pool making noises & feel very unsecured to stay there sir please advise what we can do against the builder we have already paid money for hall & pool we r in horrible trouble please advise so that we can stop all the activity immediately & secure our family

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