Better Policing

Two of my write-ups on issues presently under hectic and intense discussion. Would request for your comments please.
Amitabh Thakur
For a better policing

In the wake of the spate of rapes and the alleged poor response of the police in these offences, if we really want a better policing in India, we need to stop our superficial approach and go for some of the fundamental reasons for the current state of affairs.
Some of the things that are immediately needed include-
1.       Strictest action against the delinquents in police- This can happen only when we have an Independent Police Complaint enquiry system as found in Britain and many other foreign countries and as emphasized by the Supreme Court in the Police Reforms case
2.       Not limiting the action against policemen to mere administrative measures but to initiate criminal proceedings as well, as and when a policeman is found deliberately criminally liable in his conduct
3.       Immediately improve all the basic infrastructural requirements of police and police personnel. We can never have good policing with meager resources, logistical support, small number of policemen etc
4.       Stop the power distance between the so-called superior and subordinate officer in the police department and create a working environment where all the policemen feel they are equal, working together for a common cause
5.       Massively increase the promotional avenues of the subordinate police officers, no less than that of IPS/PPS officers
6.       Stop the inhumane treatment of subordinate police officers in the department, including their use in household and personal works
7.       Very special emphasis and focus on behavioural contents and interaction with public and stern action in case of all improprieties found here
Improving police and policing is not all that difficult. The only thing needed is the wish to do so.



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