Art of Cross Examination:

We should know that cross-examination is the most intelligent device evolved by the human civilization, during experience of centuries. This is a great wisdom of our legal system. To say, if a man comes to report to a court that he has seen A killing B by shooting with revolver at evening on a particular date. Then how we will know or court will know to believe the version of the so-called eye witness. The witness may be true or he may be false. There are several reasons to say falsehood or say truth. A witness may say falsehood due to enmity, greed or to implicate somebody with ulterior motives. So, a witness can be believed only if the passes his examination of truth through cross-examination. Therefore, the word examination is introduced that means that witness has to pass an examination of truth before the court. This process is done by giving an opportunity to the opposite party to ask such questions which challenges his veracity. Such questions are put

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