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Arbitration Lawyer or Advocate at New Delhi: Thirty percent of total disputes in India are referred to be settled through Arbitration. Out of this 30% the Central Govt, State Govt and its bodies or organizations cater to 20% of the contribution and rest of the organization are only 10% of the total disputes referred for Arbitration in India.

CONCLUSION: In India, as per above statistics, only 10% of the total disputes are referred for Arbitration under the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996.

Advocates or Lawyers in India play a major role in making or breaking the confidence of the public of India. The Arbitration & Conciliation Law is different and channel is different. Methodology adopted is also different to process and adjudicate the case. The Advocates or Lawyers require a special skill in handling and fighting the arbitration case in India. In our opinion the following Advocate / Lawyer is having the desired skill to fight Arbitration cases, which may be against a private party or public sector undertaking or public sector enterprises or state Govt. or Central Govt. body corporate.

EUROPE: Seventy percent of total disputes in European countries are settled through Arbitration. The basic reason is that the people in european countries have faith in arbitration process. Arbitrator are believed to be honest people and also considered as time binding personalities. Therefore, only thirty percent of the total disputes get settled by the courts. In India the people do not believe that they will get justice before the Arbitrator, therefore, in any dispute the people want to file case before the judiciary.

BESIDES STATUTORY ARBITRATION UNDER ARBITRATION & CONCILIATION ACT: There are several other organization in India. For example Co-operative Societies. Any dispute among the parties in co-operative, arbitration is conducted by the Govt department. These departments have their own law but mainly it runs on the lines of arbitration principles only.


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  • M Jayaprakash says:

    I purchased an aprt. from a builder and the work is yet to start by the builder. As per the agreement the builder has to deliver the flat within 42 months which will be sometimes in next year june. I wanted my money to be refunded by them since they do not have certain approval till date to construct the aprt. There is an arbitration clause in the agreement. The builder is ready to return money after deducting the brokerage which in fact they have not paid to broker.
    How do i move in this case?. Can i file a case in consumer court before the breach of contract as per agreement?.Your valuable suggestion is solicited.

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  • jayaprakash says:

    Dear Sir

    My question was 1) whether I could go to the consumer court or not before breach of agreements?. (The BBA signed was 42 + 6 months from the date of allotment or constructions whichever was later. I signed the BBA in Nov 2013 and as per the 1st clause this year Nov will be completing 48 months. They have asked next installment for excavation in Dec 2014 but not started the same for want of certain approval.
    2) Should I revoke the arbitration clause first then go to court?
    3) Should I go for mediation first or not?.
    4) Arbitrator will be appointed by the company only.
    5) They had some approval but i understand they do not have certain approval.
    6) Police complaint & Local court will be waisting too much time
    Request professional reply so that I could take up the case immediately.

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