Comment on Appointment of Administrator in Co-operative Society by SK.

sir, Our society election was conducted in the year 2007. The term MC was completed in 2010, Thereafter, MC passed the resolution to conduct election and submitted request letter to RCS.
Due to resignation of Secretary in the year 2011, one of the member was co-opted as secretary and records were handed over to him. Subsequently, the MC came to know that co-option is not permitted, therefore, the MC has passed resolution to remove the co-opted secretary.
The secretary [ removed secreatry] was holding records of the society called one illegal GB Meeting and formed one parallel illegal MC purported himself as secretary with some of his associates in other office bearers.Many complaint were made to RCS but no avail.
It is settled law that till the time the election is not conducted, the defunct MC shall continue to work and in discharging our obligation, our MC was submitting the statutory audit report to RCS upto date. However, it is a matter of concern that the illegal MC has also submitted the parallel Audit report for the last 2 years in illegal manner. Further, it is understood that the illegal MC has also got his audit approved form Audit section of RCS.
It is pointed out that till today our MC is having charge of bank account. The illlegal MC has not mentioned that entire members name in their audit report and lot of others defects, since his Audit report is approved, which may create confusion at later stage.
Kindly suggest the action to undo their ill action.

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