Comment on Appointment of Administrator by RCS to manage co-operative society by Abhijeet Datta.

In our CGHS society Delhi new administrator has taken over charge since feb 2018 after 5 months during which nobody was there, as the last administrator has not handed over the charge and had not provided any financial transaction details and expected swindled funds. During the time of this 5 months RWA was formed to operate as there was deep crisis in the society and majority of the people praised the RWA functioning. The problem was the RWA team were of residents who are the owners but their membership transfer has not been carried out and 35% residents of this category. The new administrator is just buying out time and overlooking the residents problems. Again RWA has to pitch in for resolving the water crisis.
Is there a provision wherein RWA can be allocated the power for running the affairs of the society or non members can be the the governing body of the society.

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