Comment on Appointment of Administrator by RCS to manage co-operative society by SYLVESTER PHILLIPS.

Respected Sir,
I, Mr. S. B. Phillips a member & a ex-Vice Chairman of the New Best Worker’s Co-op. Hsg. Society Ltd Goregoan west Mumbai 400104, (Regd. No. Bom/Hsg./1888 of 1968)would like to inform you that our society MC has handed over the responsibility to the Administrator due to the ruckus behaviour of some 10-12 members of the society.
When the Administrator has taken over the office of the society from the Hon. Secretary/Chairman. The Administrator and his deputy should only consult the help of the Hon. Secretary/Chairman who have handed over the charge to them, instead these appointed officers are taking the help of the ruckus members who were earlier invited to take charge & permitting them to touch the documents and files of the office when these members are un-authorised, these ruckus members are capable of playing a foul game. Our Hon. Secretary has written a letter of objection for misusing the office.
My question to you is why these Administrative officers are allowing these unauthorised ruckus members to sit in the office & allowing them to touch the important files and documents. Is there any laws & bye-laws?
Kindly look into the matter & Hoping for a favourable reply

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