Comment on Appointment of Administrator by RCS to manage co-operative society by Nikhil Gupta.

Although the maximum honorarium is Rs 10 thousand but the administrator is charging almost 7 to 8 thousand extra in name of conveyance. Is it justified and legal ? I never came across any rule in DCS allowing such. What can we do ?

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Execution of Award of Arbitrator relating to CGHS
Can contempt of order of RCS office be filed strarightaway without filing application for execution of the order ? IF yes, which provision of DCS Act or rule refer to it ?

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The tenure of the current management committee is ended in August 2016. But the committee is still functioning and delaying elections. Also, the Audit of two previous years are still pending. Is there a way we can get the elections conducted as soon as possible and hold the audits which the current committee is trying to “manage” ? Already written to registrar office many times.

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