Comment on Appointment of Administrator by RCS to manage co-operative society by sangeet anand.

none of the members want to come forward to take up task of managing society only bcoz all want to enjoy all benefits, facilities, wihout co-operation, without taking responsibility,without contribution of their time energy to these tasks, or are incompetent, incapable to manage societys affairs, or dont want to undergo inconvenience, tension due to these reasons. so pls guide, assist with info 4 solution that under these situations, how can existing managing committee dissolve committee and approach registrar of co -op hsg soc under relevant sections of act to appoint arbitrartor to manage societys affairs as this situation has arisen as also due to fact that defaulting members are inspite of repeated reminders many members r not paying huge arrears of maintenance dues accumulated for long years and thus acting unooperatively, unjustifiablty.

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