Appointment of Administrator by RCS to manage co-operative society



HOW TO ENSURE THAT THE REGISTRAR DO NOT APPOINT AN ADMINISTRATOR. You may contact us, we will give you proper guidance and help to ensure that the RCS do not appoint or do not appoint the Administrator.


1. The Managing Committee insist that what ever is done by them, all members must agree.

2. The members insist that whatever the Managing Committee does is discriminatory, un-reasonable and un-called for.

3. Non of the member want to come forward to take up the tasks of managing society, afraid of a group of members ruling the society according to their choices and not as per laws.


It happens in case members of the Society are not happy with the management of the society or you can say the managing committee of the Society, the members vehemently feel that the rights of the members are being snatched by the managing committee for their self-interest and the managing committee is not working for the larger interest of the members.

The members also feel that the existing managing committee is making money out of the funds of the society by illegal means and they feel that if Administrator is appointed by the Registrar, there shall be saving of their money.

There are also chances that the managing committee want to increase the maintenance charges but do not allow members to see the accounts (non-transparency), therefore the members do not approve the budget to increase the maintenance charges.


Maximum fee of an Administrator as per law is Rs.10,000/- per month. The Administrator may charge lesser fee or no fee. The fee depends upon the Administrator and the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.





  • sangeet anand says:

    none of the members want to come forward to take up task of managing society only bcoz all want to enjoy all benefits, facilities, wihout co-operation, without taking responsibility,without contribution of their time energy to these tasks, or are incompetent, incapable to manage societys affairs, or dont want to undergo inconvenience, tension due to these reasons. so pls guide, assist with info 4 solution that under these situations, how can existing managing committee dissolve committee and approach registrar of co -op hsg soc under relevant sections of act to appoint arbitrartor to manage societys affairs as this situation has arisen as also due to fact that defaulting members are inspite of repeated reminders many members r not paying huge arrears of maintenance dues accumulated for long years and thus acting unooperatively, unjustifiablty.

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  • nelson lobo says:

    Due to treasurer and one committee members resigned the managing committee got dissolved and no one came forward to fill the vacant post. The managing committee gave the letter to the deputy registrar of housing society to appoint administrator. Later on out of 54 flat owners 25 members duly signed one letter and gave it to the registrar that people are interested in forming a new managing committee and gave the names of the 7 new managing committee members who are interested in forming a committee. But still the registrar of housing society appointed an administrator and it has not called any meeting since 18 months passed nor it is calling for an election. what should be done?

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    Respected Sir,
    I, Mr. S. B. Phillips a member & a ex-Vice Chairman of the New Best Worker’s Co-op. Hsg. Society Ltd Goregoan west Mumbai 400104, (Regd. No. Bom/Hsg./1888 of 1968)would like to inform you that our society MC has handed over the responsibility to the Administrator due to the ruckus behaviour of some 10-12 members of the society.
    When the Administrator has taken over the office of the society from the Hon. Secretary/Chairman. The Administrator and his deputy should only consult the help of the Hon. Secretary/Chairman who have handed over the charge to them, instead these appointed officers are taking the help of the ruckus members who were earlier invited to take charge & permitting them to touch the documents and files of the office when these members are un-authorised, these ruckus members are capable of playing a foul game. Our Hon. Secretary has written a letter of objection for misusing the office.
    My question to you is why these Administrative officers are allowing these unauthorised ruckus members to sit in the office & allowing them to touch the important files and documents. Is there any laws & bye-laws?
    Kindly look into the matter & Hoping for a favourable reply

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  • How to post my query regarding Registrar of Society Delhi. It’s against calling a gbm giving 5 days notice without agenda and agenda sent just 1 day before. Meeting held without a quoram and minutes are likely to be manipulated .
    Pl. Guide. Thanks

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  • Pramod Kumar says:

    Are members of the co-operative group housing society entitled to get copy of minutes of the meeting of the MC members ? if yes and if society refuses to give, what action can be taken by members ? Please advise

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  • n gururaj says:

    Dear Sir,
    What happens when Secretary/Vice-President/Treasurer resign from the managing committee immediately after SGBM.
    what are the duties of the resigned member till the next AGM is called.

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  • n gururaj says:

    Dear sir,
    Does the M/C gets dissolved when 5/6 members of M/c resign including Secretary/Vice-president/Treasurer.
    How will the society function. How will be day to day affairs managed and how will the day to day expenses/salary etc be taken care off.
    Please guide us

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  • Sairam says:

    In our Society situated in East Delhi, out of 7 Members of MC, two Members have resigned and one Member expired. Can the MC, go in for election for 3 Members or they will have to go in for re election of complete committee. Please guide

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  • zeenat kapadia says:

    Can one member of the hsg soc can approach to registrar office for appointment of the administrator due to the rude n irresponsibility behaviour of the sec.retary n chairman mismanagement of the soc funds.

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  • Kumar Chavan says:

    Sub-registrar has appointed an administrator on the housing society far ailing to conduct elections under section Sec 77A. Almost 95 to 98% of the member’s do not want an administrator and are ready to give in writing to the registrar to give them some time to conduct elections as the managing committee members had not avoided the elections deliberately and were willing to resign after the third year of its operation but the members unanimously asked the committee to continue for five years. Video recording of the AGM is also available as an evidence. Can the order passed by the sub-registrar challenged for the appointment of an administrator. Awaiting your valuable guidance at the earliest. Thanks

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  • Nikhil Gupta says:

    Although the maximum honorarium is Rs 10 thousand but the administrator is charging almost 7 to 8 thousand extra in name of conveyance. Is it justified and legal ? I never came across any rule in DCS allowing such. What can we do ?

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  • Abhijeet Datta says:

    In our CGHS society Delhi new administrator has taken over charge since feb 2018 after 5 months during which nobody was there, as the last administrator has not handed over the charge and had not provided any financial transaction details and expected swindled funds. During the time of this 5 months RWA was formed to operate as there was deep crisis in the society and majority of the people praised the RWA functioning. The problem was the RWA team were of residents who are the owners but their membership transfer has not been carried out and 35% residents of this category. The new administrator is just buying out time and overlooking the residents problems. Again RWA has to pitch in for resolving the water crisis.
    Is there a provision wherein RWA can be allocated the power for running the affairs of the society or non members can be the the governing body of the society.

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  • Advocateji says:

    Dear Datta, RWA has to function under Administrator or Managing Committee. No provision as asked by you. But for other matters case can be filed through any or our Legal Counsel.

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