Comment on Annual general body meeting of co-operative society by K Venugopal.

Our Co operative Society is run by two individuals whose term had expired in April 2014. We have been writing to the RCS but no proper response is forthcoming. The B/S for the year ended 31/03/2014 was not approved by the members of the Society at the AGM convened by the two. The AGM for the year ended 31/03/2015 was not conducted, nor accounts were presented to the members. Now suddenly the one of the two who claims himself to be authorized signatory has called the AGM on 30/09/2016 a working day so that he could get away with the scrutiny of the majority of the members and complete the formalities.

Kindly advise how to get this meeting preponed or postponed to a Sunday so that maximum participation of the members could be ensured.

We appreciate your valuable inputs/response.

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