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Sir, is a proposal for a heavy expenditure on “repair/relaying of internal roads of the society” without any reason for its need/technical report/estimates (quotations)/time involved is valid proposal and if not valid, can a representation be filed with the RCS

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Annual general body meeting of co-operative society
Sir, this I am talking about a proposal mentioned in the notice of AGM of a CGHS

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Agenda of AGM or SGM of co-operative Society
I have gone thru your reply to the query of Dr. S K Goel. We have similar situation in our Society in Delhi.

So please also advise can SGBM be called on the issue for which dispute has been admitted and referred to Arbitration & Arbitrator has already issued notice & 2 hearings already held ?

Open Space Car Parking Charges in Societies
Sir, Thanks for your sincere advise. In fact the MC in its meeting dated 26.03.2017 has proposed Car entry fee on 2nd/3rd/4th/5th car to be applicable soon. It seems it in the grab of car parking charges for members having more than one car. Can MC propose such an Entry fee and is MC has such powers ?

Open Space Car Parking Charges in Societies
Dear Sir,

A CGHS Ltd., IPEX, Delhi in its MC meeting on 26.03.2017 has levied parking charges for 2nd/3rd/4th and 5th car respectively owned by the member. Can MC do so ? if not what action can be taken ?

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