Airtel the worst network services in India

Looting and cheating Airtel Style…

Airtel has various plans to loot and cheat its consumers, state exchequer, nation and its toiling millions.
It has various services like fixed line broadband, digital tv , mobile phone connections. To loot the people they will raise bills on SMS for these services and quote exorbitant amounts for their payments.

Then if consumer pays for the fixed line broadband connection, the corrupt Airtel will not take it towards payment of fixed line broadband payment account and instead will transfer it to its digital tv account where the consumer had no bill to be paid and under threat of disconnecting consumer’s fixed line broadband connection ask him to pay the already paid bill for it again on the ground that the earlier amount paid for it has been transferred to the digitl tv account and it can not be transferred from there’ Since the bill for fixed line broadband according to Airtel comes to around Rs. 1700/- and on transferring it to its digital tv account where the plan is of Rs. 299/- the advance payment for 6 months towards digital amount is received through this fraud and cheating and on the other side payment for fixed line broadband connection is charged again to have double payment of the same. Then advance payment of Rs 1700 or so will not be refunded to the consumer even if he writes hundreds of mails for disconnecting his digital tv connection and getting digital tv connection of other service provider. The Airtel on record is making huge stocks of black money and raises bills on sms and not through any recordable means where its amount can be accounted for any where. Then against such bogus bills it recieves payments of Rs. crores from the consumer without issuing any valid receipt for the same and like this again the money so collected remains unaccounted. Despite this black money earning having been in the eyes of one and all no action against it is taken even after repeated complaints though govt. has policies where under it claims that the person getting tax evader caught would be suitabily rewarded. In Telecom Regulatory authority also despite making repeated complaints against Airtel’s above fraud and cheating no action against all these clearly visible acts of fraud and cheating of Airtel are taken So it is clear that the corrupt Airtel has its men in every department and just by sharing a part of their corruptly earned money it is making crores by above types of fraudulent means.The following is my reply to one of the mails of Airtel to further show its criminal acts of fraud and cheating which it carries with calculations as above.

I wrote ” Your mail has shown and confirmed that how to cheat the people you transfer the amount paid towards fixed line broadband services in to your digital tv account and till this amount remains you keep on criminally showing that the digital tv connection is still alive and keep on charging bills even when the same stands disconnected months before that and the customer had taken digital tv services of other service provider like Dish TV . You being trained and professional group of looters and cheaters are only competent to loot and cheat the people but are total failure in lawful job. But since on the other side you people are foolish and idiots you forget that the stand for this looting and cheating earlier taken by you was different and it was that the amount of Rs 1655 /- paid by me for my then fixed line broadband connection which you criminally transferred to digital tv account would be refunded. I had never consented to continue my digital tv connection and for adjustment of the amount paid for fixed line broadband connection towards the same. Yet despite my having got your digital tv connection disconnected and having got Dish TV Connection six months back you have continued charging the bill against my said over payment of Rs. 1655 . Now you have criminally adjusted my over payment of Rs. 1655/- by retaining it unauthorisedly in your digital tv account even when it was made for fixed line broadband connection as above even when you earlier claimed that the same have been remitted to my bank account . In fixed line broadband connection account you criminally made me to pay twice for the same month after playing the above fraud and cheating. Similar things you did in mobile connection Account and there are your 3 different bills with different amount for the same period to show your fraud and cheating, Bills of your digital tv account are paid though bank transactions and are matter of record as to how higher the same were for plan of Rs. 299/- p..m Dont worry your greed for petty amount would prove to be so daring for your that even after spending lakhs of Rs in defending in criminal cases to be filed against you , you people would not come out clean from charges of fraud and cheating as established above. You are shameless persons and thousands of viewers have more or less the same experience of your looting and cheating and withdrawing their connections form you. Raising of huge bills through sms and not through proper billing system which could remain in record and charging them without issuing any valid and proper receipt and counting the same before tax authorities is your another crime for which I am bent upon getting your all transactions checked and get you punished through a criminal writ petitio. Merely by contributing in political funds out of your loot you dont get the licesence to play with the laws of the land according to your convenience. I will see how big approach you corrupt people have got and how the same on exposure in courts of law and in media it will fall like a house of cards. This mail also I am getting published at important places against the corrupt and cheat Airtel in large public and national interests.

Kamal Jit Chhibber, Advocate

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