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Sir, I am the resident and member of The Nava Kairali Apartments, Plot. No. 10, Sector-3 Dwarka, New Delhi-78. Most of the residents are from South India specially from Kerala. Our Managing Committee is not elected for last six years. The like minded people have formed the group and declared it as Managing Committee. Among them, they have made President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.They have imposed penalty of Rs.500 per month on me for installing outdoor unit of my Air Conditioner, whereas similar case is there for other residents before my installation of AC, but they happen to be from their language.I am asking them to give me receipt of my payment of Rs.500 which they are not giving.In this case what should I do? Please advice.

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Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member
I am the Member of The Nava Kairali CGHS Apartment, Plot No 10, Sector-3 Dwarka, New Delhi-110078. In my Society for past six years no election has been held. The nominations for election is invited. Only 15 Members apply which is the minimum number required for this society which is having 135 Flats.These 15 members are of the choice of President. In AGM around 20 Members attend. Tenants are not allowed to take part in AGM. In AGM one of the Members of their group proposes a work and another member seconds it, the proposal get passed in AGM. In this way every year they are passing some work or the other of huge amount and that gets passed. The work is awarded to their own contractors, at what rate and terms and conditions no body knows. The entire financial burden gets passed on to the 135 Members of the Society. Every year in addition to normal maintenance and other charges, we pay Rs. 15000 to Rs.22000. I request you to educate me as to this method of passing a work and expenditure by AGM is correct as per law. I have written many letters to the Registrar of CGHS, New Delhi, but they do not take any action and reply.

Society imposes charges without approval of AGM
What should be method adopted by AGM to pass a proposal which has financial implication on all the members of society?

Society imposes charges without approval of AGM
In my Society,(The Nava Kairali CGHS Ltd) Dwarka,in AGM only few members come who are friends of the Management Committee. Society consists of 135 flat owners, but around 35 members come to attend the Meeting. In that one member proposes the expenditure for door change in the lift and another member seconds it. This proposal is considered to be passed and the expenditure becomes binding on to all 135 members. This has happened in last AGM held in September 2017, in which expenditure worth Rs. 60 Lakhs have been passed by AGM.In previous years also they have done the same thing. They have purchased on more Generator last year whereas the existing Generator was working alright. They wanted some reason to spend money. Just proposed by one and seconded by other get expenditure passed. The contractors are from their own group. No body knows as to who has been awarded contract at what rate. Notice is put on notice board about charges and that becomes binding on every body. The society is mostly owned by Kerala persons and Christians. No Hindu festival is allowed to be performed, like ladies gathering for Karwa Chauth etc. No election has been held for last five years. Same members keep on working as Members of Committee. Is this way of passing the financial burden to the members ia right as per law?

Public grievances of members of co-operative societies
In our Society, it is dominated by Karalites. They do not allow to celebrate any North Indian Festivals except Holi and Diwali. Management Committee Members are not elected. A group of people are there who, are always in Management Committee. Election Observer is also called from one among their friend, who is from Kerala. North Indians are less in number. Under this circumstances what is required to be done.

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