Comment on Agenda of AGM or SGM of co-operative Society by Dr S K Goel.

Can a challenged decision of GBM of 2016 be rectified by SGBM in 2017 if aibitration case for 2016 decision is pending ?

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Building replacement fund of Co-Op Society
In last GBM a “Building Fund” was said to have been approved in the minutes and MC forcibaly recovered the same from members – an arbitration case is going on…But in Audited Accounts as on 31.3.17, the same has been shown as “Building Replacement Fund”… On objection in the next GBM, the Treasurer said it is one and the same thing…is this correct ?..pls suggest

Consumer Complaints by members of Co-operative Society and RWA
Thanks for the response, RWA is definitely aware of the matter but is unwilling to take any actions. By not taking any actions, RWA is condoning the bye-laws. RWA has the power to shut down such operations. For this reason, I wanted to know if action can be taken against RWA. Can I ask for compensation from RWA for mental harassment caused to me for something that RWA could have easily handled?
Thanks again!!

Consumer Complaints by members of Co-operative Society and RWA
Commercial operations and frequent large gatherings are not allowed as per bye-laws of my society. But some residents, run these operations causing a lot of nuisance. RWA ignores such commercial operations. Security is under RWA control and they can stop this nuisance if they want. This has caused me a lot of mental agony and harassment. Can I sue my RWA for causing this harassment and not working as per the bye-laws? Also, I think the guidelines of Gurgaon, Haryana MCG state that the agency that has management of security has the obligation to enforce the bye-laws of the society.

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