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We get several enquirers for filing cases against certain organisation seeking a suitable advocate lawyer and consumer protection guide for them.

We have many advocates and lawyers on our panel but we find the following the best and very reasonable lawyer advocate for consumer redressal forum, state commission and also for national commission cases relating to consumer protection Act. The Disputes Settlement Trust itself is a NGO and all the cases coming to us are handled by the expert lawyers or advocates:

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In case we get any query on our web site, this advocate has been assigned to handle the queries free of cost on the web-site.

There are several cases coming up from consumers where the consumer had booked a matrimonial agency to search for a suitable match for the girl or a boy.

The matrimonial agency makes tall claims before taking the money but once the initial amount is taken they start demanding more money to up-grade the package to give the customer more desired services. Even if the customer gives more money, the matrimonial agency provides services of nature which is much below the promised standard. The question comes of measuring the services of the matrimonial agency. We have found a yardstick by which it can be proved in a court of law that the services were not of the desired standard and therefore there is a deficiencies in services provided by the matrimonial services agency.

The Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum takes up all such cases for claims amounting till 20 Lacs; for cases from 20 Lacs to 1 Crore the consumer has to approach the State Commission and for above 1 Crore the national commission hears the claims and gives it judicial decision.

There are 2 methods of filing cases under the Consumer Protection Act

(A) The consumer files the claim

(B) A Voluntary Consumer Association, whose member is the consumer who wish to file the case.

The major difference is that, if the consumer and the Voluntary consumer association have filed the case, normally the consumer withdraws the case on getting compensation but the Voluntary Consumer Association do not withdraw for the additional purpose for which it has been constituted and such purpose is to ensure that

The guilty is tried for un-fair trade practices and misleading trade practices or un-fair trade practices



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  • Kiran Kumar says:

    I have filed a RP in NCDRC but it has been dismissed for default and I have lodged MA against the order since, i have already moved an exmeption form appearance and ro decide the case on merits. But, the MA has been registered and thre is no further update on the same. Can you pls help me in the said case.

  • ratna says:

    I would like to file for redressal for deficient services against Airtel and TATA

  • kripanshu says:

    HI, I am looking for assistance in related to GDA case . Its related to a property purchase.

  • BS Rai says:

    Sir Distt Forum and State Commission Chandigarh gave judgement in my favour which is now again being challenged by a Builder in National Commission. Pl advice me for services of a good layer with reasonable fees. Regards

  • TAPASH BOSE says:

    Dear Sir,

    I seek your expert advice regarding the following:

    1. We had hired a domestic maid from M/s Sandeep Placement, Mandawli, New Delhi-92, on 18th Aug,2015 through an agreement for 11 months paying a commission of Rs 28,000 and advance salary of last month of Rs 10,000.

    The maid left our place on 26th Sept,2015 and did not return even after two days. We informed Mr Sandeep Kumar of Sandeep Placement on 28th Sept (over telephone and regd letter) that we are no more interested in such unreliable maid and we want the commission and advance salary back after adjustment of the period. He agreed to pay after one week.

    2. Since, there was no response from him for one month, we sent a reminder letter to him dated 31st Oct,2015 for immediate refund but there was no response.

    3. On 16th Nov,2015, Mr Sandeep called up in the afternoon and said that he is coming with payment by cheque, and the leftover bag and documents of the maid be returned. We told him that if the payment is done by cheque, he will have to wait for it to be credited in our account before her things are returned. If he makes the payment by cash or DD, he can immediately take the things back.

    After this, we got a phone-call from nearby Police Chowki who requested us to return the documents of the maid Ms Mamta. We explained him the whole story and reiterated that her things can be returned immediately after cash/DD payment as nobody can believe in cheque payment. The policeman understood our point and advised Mr Sandeep and the maid accordingly.

    4. Since we did not get the payment even in Dec,2015, we lodged a
    complaint in Consumer Forum (Delhi-East) regarding non-payment of balance amount of commission, advance salary along with harassment charges and incidental charges (total Rs 48,000.00 appx). The President heard our case on 5th January,2016 and ordered to send notice to Sandeep Placement agency for hearing on 4th Feb,2016.

    5. The maid came to our society on 16th Jan,2016 and called the PCR van to forcefully get her items/documents without making any payment. There was a call from the policeman of PCR van for return of the documents. We explained him the total story of non-payment of balance amount by Sandeep Placement agency, our letters and reminder and our complaint to Consumer Forum. The Police-on-duty understood the facts and explained her accordingly.

    6. The second hearing in Consumer forum took place on 4th Feb wherein the advocate of Sandeep placement took the copy of the complaint and requested for next date for reply. The next date has been given on 4th March.

    My queries are as follows:

    (i) What are the subsequent stages in the Consumer Court? How many hearings are likely to take place in such cases?

    (ii) Do I get their reply in the next hearing only?

    (iii) Should I report the latest harassment on 16th Jan,16 to court. If
    so, how – by regd post or in next hearing?

    (iv) Do you think the Court will ask for the maid’s documents before the payment is done by the agent? Those are the only things we can hold.

    (v) How is the payment made by the opposite party (if such verdict is
    given) – by DD to me or to Court or otherwise?

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,

    Tapash Bose
    Bharat Electronics Limited
    Ghaziabad unit

  • OP Gupta says:

    A consumer court has passed some derogatory remarks against an appellant. He is filing an appeal in the NCDRC for expunging the remarks. Is there a precedence which can be quoted?

  • PC CHOUDHARY says:

    Sir, I applied for a loan with Axis Bank. I handed over a demand draft of 9000 as processing fee to one of its employee. He instead of depositing it with bank gave it to another client and took money from him. My loan was not disbursed due to some reason and upon asking for processing fee refund the fraud by the employee was revealed. Now he no longer work with Axis Bank and not ready to pay the money back.What is my legal remeady?

  • This is for National. Vodafone recently charged me, on two phones, for picking up unsolicited ISD calls from supposed “African scammers” (257 number “from Burundi”). In fact Vodafone has charged thousands, if not millions, of customers small to large amounts for these calls. Customers are charged up to Rs 120 just for picking up the call. They also do the same from within India- you pick up a call and hear a recording and get charged for it as if you have made the call. As Vodafone is collecting money on behalf of frauds (and likely splitting the proceeds), they are party to the fraud. Vodafone also has thousands of complaints on its Facebook page from people who have been charged for unsolicited and unwanted upgrades, activations and programs. I would guess that 90% of Vodafon customers do not even know they are being charged – Vodafone charges Rs 49 for an itemized bill. So Vodafone is collecting millions of rupees every month in fraudulent fees. They do not issue warnings and are incredibly stingy about repaying when you notice – probably because if they admit guilt for one, someone might ask them to repay everyone, and stop the practice.

    I am that someone, and I need help.

    This is a clear case of consumer fraud, and there is a paper trail of every one of these transactions. An RTI or complaint could unearth literally millions of fraudulent transactions. And since they do the billing and remitting for the “African scammers”, and are themselves the senders of of unsolicited programs and activations, Vodafone could stop the practice in 10 minutes. (I also think there are no African scammers – they are Vodafone India employees who have set it up internally and share the proceeds with higher-ups.)

    I want to file a case and demand records for every single customer transaction involving unsolicited calls, program and activations, especially fake ISD calls. Then I want Vodafone to pay everyone back and end the practice immediately.

  • Mrs ahmad says:

    Please send me some phone no of advocate

  • Vipul Kumar says:

    I need to file a complaint for not providing the agreed services by a tour agency. The agency have accepted their default on mail but not returning my money. Can you help me in this regard.

  • Hemant says:

    Hello Sir,
    District Forum and State Commission Pune, Maharashtra gave Judgment in my favor for case against BANK. Opposite party tried appealing but it was denied by both the forums. Now, Bank has submitted revised appeal in National Commission. Please advise me for the services of a good lawyer with reasonable fees.

  • Ravi Tiwari says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife has a AXIS Bank Card for which they have levied unreasonable charges, she has sent them so many reminders regarding paid bills and other requisite details stated that charges has been levied wrongly and if their executive can visit and discuss the matter across the table..but they have sent us a advocate notice for recovery of amount..Pls advise how to go about it..

  • Ravi Tiwari says:

    We have received a demand letter from advocate and not notice..however pls advise suitable advocate contact number in and around Lajpat Nagar where I live as the contact detail provided under “our legal expert” is of Mr. Sahota who lives in Dwarka which is pretty far off..PLS HELP

  • MUKESH says:


  • Amar says:

    I applied for 3 BHK house in 2009 in Dehradun for 22.3 lac. The house was supposed to b handed ovdd to me in 2012 as per project agreement. In 2010 the price was increased to25lac. I toom a housong loan of 17.5 lac in starting which i got increased to 21.5in 2010. However due to various issues the building is still not ready. There was no communication between me n builder after 2014..nd suddenly builder gives me intimation in Aug 16 that price of flat has increased to further 9.5 lac due to steel n cement price increase. Material damage due to flooding in Dehradun etc.. I have lost Tax rebate… I m paying EMI i lost on rent nd till now i ve not got possession. Even not this.. Till now builder is saying this increase is tentative nd may increase or decrease further. This has given me lot of mental stress. Pls advice me wht ahd i do

  • Adv V.k yadav says:

    It refers to Mr. Amar- kindly consult with a good lawyer for such serious issues and your jurisdiction will be State commission, Lucknow

  • Adv V.k yadav says:

    It refers to Mr. Amar- kindly consult with a good lawyer for such serious issues and your jurisdiction will be State commission, Lucknow

  • Anil says:

    A case of medical negligence.won from district forum still both parties appealed in scdrc. Iappealed for more compensation but scdrc dismissed the order of district forum after3years of hearing.

  • Anil says:

    A case of medical negligence.won from district forum.both appealed in scdrc.I appealed for more compensation.the scdrc dismissed the order of scdrc on 31st Aug.2016.

  • Akshit pahuja says:


    Wanted to file case against Vodafone port in my number without my consent
    Requested Vodafone to cancel portin and receive a email from Vodafone executive as part confirmation shared the reference Id cancel the portin request as customer this is documented proof to file car

    After 8 days my number port in to Vodafone from airtel

    Want to file case of cheating and fraud

  • Dr. Imtiaz Baig says:

    sir..i myself doctor in berhampur odisha..i have taken huge loan from bank of borada for medical equipment from supermed delhi…paying 9 lakh rupess and paying huge rate of intrest..sur since the purches supermed people are bit providing any services and more so they have kept our mechaine ventilator ang ecg mechaine frim last 3 months and niw asking 1lakh rupees ti retune them…plz give us some goid legal advice and giid advocate hiw can withsand for the same…as our patient are in badly need if it…

  • BG Narendra Babu says:

    I filed a complaint in State Commission against Municipal authorities for deficiency of services and the Commission after hearing for 30 months has disposed off the case saying that a tax payer cannot be a Consumer. Can i go for an Appeal in NCDRC

  • Shobhit Chauhan says:

    Dr. Imtiaz Baig can you please mail me your concern and documents on so that we can assist you with the legal advice in your case.

  • Amit Gupta says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been cheated by for Dubai package, they took all the money (Rs 1,41,000) in advance and did not provide any service (meals, airport pickup, sight seeing etc) as promised. They also did not apply for the visa till 1 day before the travel, I had to call like a 100 times to get my visa application moving.
    Please suggest a lawyer who can help to file a consumer court against this fraud travel agency.


  • SUNNY says:

    NEED A NICE EXPERIENCED LAWYER/VETERAN FOR MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE CASE..drafting is in process. clear case of medicine wrongdose/improperly administered medications as per record.

  • SUNNY says:



  • Ashok Banga says:

    Sir, State commission chandigarh gave judgement in my favour which is now being challenged by the builder in Delhi National commission. Pls advice me a good lawyer with reasonable fees.

  • Mr.SHYAMLAL S. GAUD says:

    Dear Sir, I am looking for an advocate who can represent & defend our case against the builder, who has challenged the basic judgement given by the State Consumer Forum, Mumbai to register a co-op. Hsg. Society & to execute the Conveyance Deed in f/o society in National Consumer Forum, which is due for hearing on 22/02/2017. Pl. let me know the fees/legal charges of the advocate normally charged by the advocates.

  • Dear Sir, our RWA gives certain services like round the clock security,door to to door garbage collection for disposal, sewer and storm water line maintenance, park/ play ground up keep & maintenance, Road repair and maintenance in our colony, i.e. B-Block (southend floors) sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon. How ever certain residents(flat owners) do not pay RWA subscription in spite of repeated reminders/ notices.Our RWA is registered with all up to date docs submitted with Registrar’s office. What legal steps you may please advise for recovery of dues from defaulters.

  • Ashok Mittal says:

    Dear Sir
    I need a lawyer for National consumer court (NCDRC) case regarding non delivery of apartment at NOIDA BY JP. The case is already filed more then one year back but the builder is not responding. Finally NCDRD has decided to give the decision on a date in April 2017. I need a competent lawyer for the advise and argue my case in NCDRC.

  • M Jayaprakash says:

    I purchased two villas from a builder who formed a trust. the entire money was paid to him in 2010 itself but the builder did not complete one villa and the other almost completed but no amenities has been provided as promised. The second one is completed till roof level only. Builder was supposed to complete the villas within 11 months of paying the full amount. First, the builder allotted the land and construction is done on our behalf for which he had taken POA from us. The builder was supposed to give fully furnished villas with all amenities besides some gift land and rent till completion of villas.

    One of the victim filed an IP for bankruptcy and along with him around 140 more people have joined the petitions. The case is dates back to more than 3 years in sub court for adjudication. The property of the builder has been under receiver administration as of now. There is not much progress expected from this case.

    My question is Can i approach the NCDRC (it exceeds 1 Cr with rent and other compensation etc) if a case is pending at the sub court?.

    I would request a competent lawyer Delhi who had taken up such cases in NCDRC and won recently to contact me.

    Also have one more case to be discussed urgently.






  • nitin bora says:

    sir i have suceeded in state commission circut bench aurangabad (MS) and op has gone into appeal at nrdc the evidence filed by me in state commission is not avaible in nrdc i want to file the same if any one intrested pl get in touch next date is 14/08/2017 case no FA/207/2012

  • Rudresh says:

    Dear Sir, I have won a case against a builder in state consumer forum Karnataka. Now the builder has challenged the decision in National forum. Please clarify my doubts below, 1 – Can i represent myself in National forum, without the help of a lawyer , 2 – Can i reply to the court notice through post? i stay in karnataka. Thanks

  • G. PRABHAKAR RAO says:

    My son met with an accident in 2012 and was admitted in yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad. This is a medical negligance case filed before the Telangana State commission in the year 2014. I am the father and GPA holder and filed the case as party in person.Both sides petition/counter, Chief affidavit, evidence and final written arguments were filed. Now at the last minute they filed I.A for cross examination of my son. I filed my counter stating that There is no provision for cross examination in the consumer protection act, secondly they have not filed re-open petition after closing the evidence along with citations of judgements (Virender pal Singh Vs. Gurudev singh and con docor) where cross examination was dismissed. I also mentioned in my counter that you can do cross examination who has signed the Chief affidavit. I have signed the chief affidavit. In their I.A. they asked for to cross exam my son or GPA holder. My son is at Bangalore. I told that if cross exam permits pl do with me as I am father and GPA holder and know fully about the case. The commission not gone through the I.A nor my counter and across the table ,they allowed for cross examination of my son by appointing Commissioner. I have my own doubts on this commission. If I file at National commission to stop the cross examination, Pl advise how to proceed further


  • anita kumari says:

    My brother took a loan of abt 40,000 from a cooperative society in 2008-09. Due to his bad condition he was not able to re-pay the loan. Now the society is asking repayment of loan through me. There were four guarantors including me. They are demanding a sum of Rs. 85000/- from me. They ordered for attachment of my salary for this purpose. What should I do.

  • Virendra Bijlwan says:

    Due to wrong pathalogy report, I have been suffering voice disorder to till life

  • abhijit says:

    I am looking for cheap and good advocate at NCDRC for appeal against state commission.
    Need to file by 28th Feb, any help

  • I want to file a case against a builder for delayed delivery of flat, harrasment & malpractices. He denied handing over flat to me till i sign a cert saying everything is okay in the flat and i hv nothing to claim which i denied. i went to state forum who recentnly ordered builder to hand over flat within 90 days to me without any to my other submissions.

    Can u suggest a suitable advocate or file the case on my behalf yourself?

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