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The most prevelant document for T.O.P. is will. but at the same time it is a document which is of no use. There can be registered or un-rgistered will. Getting a will to probate is another difficult task. Even if a will is probated then execution of will is also a herculions task. My question is there has to be two witnesses in a will, now will comes into operation only after the death of executor and in case both the witness dies before the probation of wil, then how the wil will be probated? If a person hold will in his name but he is not in physical possession of immovable property and at the same time do not have any documentary evidence that he ever was in physical possession of the willed property then what will be his status. The most important factor that in case of immovable property will must be accompanied with proper map of I.P.. In case testator of the will is illiterate and both the witness are illiterate then there will be thumb impression of testator and witnesses the probating the will become more difficult. In view of above stated difficulties it can not be vouched that will is a safe documents. The most important case for inheritance of I.P. through will is of Birla Group. where inherter of property was Sh.Lodha, C.A. of Birla. The most important question in that case was Lodha did not have any relation with Birla, the question raised in Cal H.C that will was got executed fraudulently and under influence. In the light of above case and circumstances please explain the sanctity of will

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Increased FAR is boon for co-operative societies
Your information is wrong. The increase F.A.R. is only for verticle increase and not horigental

parking problem and parking charges discussion or action
I do not understand where is the problem of parking in Co-operative Society. One car parking is free and GB can pass resolution for denial of subsequent car parking and even charge Rs.5000/- PM for subsequent Car Prking

Co-operative Society cannot refuse to give NOC
What is definition of legal hire. Is there requirement of succession certificate for transfer of membership where flat is yet to be allotted ?

Car Parking charges imposed by Co-operative Society
I do not understand what kind of advocate is pleading that society is wrong in charging money for car parking for more than one car and he has taken up the case with Delhi High Court. I am regularly contradicting the stand that every member is entitled for free car parking only for one car and it is the preoperative of the General Body to pass resolution for charging extra for parking more than one car. Now the case has already been decided by Delhi High court in Anup Mittal (Huf) V/s Kanugo C.GH.S. Ltd. wherein the matter have been decided in favor of society with exemplary pecuniary fine on the litigant for wasting time of the court. The order of the High Court is published on the internet and various newspapers also.

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Open Space Car Parking Charges in Societies
Your views does not matter. What are the views of court has been reserved in the judgement. It is beyond doubt that individual have gone to high Court against the judgement given in favour of Society as such views of D.C.T./F.C. are in favour of Society further matter can only be analysed if the copy of petition, reply, rejoinder, arguments, counter arguments along with judgement of D.C.T./F.C. is also given on my E-mail

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