Comment on About Us by Chitra Balasubramaniam.


I wanted to ask a question regarding a NOC to be issued by the CGHS for registering as a co-allottee at the time of freehold. My father is an original allottee. He wants to include my name only child and legal heir as a co-allottee at the time of conversion into freehold. DDA has asked for a NOC from the CGHS along with the no claim certificate that they have no objection to my name being included along with my father’s at the time of conversion from leasehold to freehold. The Society has refused saying since your daughter is not a member or a joint member we cannot give a no objection certificate. The member has no objection to inclusion of his daughter’s name in the freehold. DDA allows for this Either or Survivor in freehold. The member my father will relinquish his rights in favour of a co-allottee as per the paper work required by DDA. Incidentally, my name has been included as a nominee with 100% rights by my father in the records of the Society. My mother is no more and my father is a Super Senior Citizen. Is the Society correct in its policy of not giving the NOC? Please advice.